Fans of celebrity couple, Offset and Cardi Bhave reacted after Offset posted Cardi B's nude photo on his Instagram page to celebrate one month of giving birth.

The new mum posed completely naked with just her hand covering her bosom and at the same time showing off the colorful tattoo on her torso.

The rapper captioned the photo:

And fans in their reactions took to the comment section to express their thoughts on the Cardi B's nude photo:

 Sorry but you do not put your wife on display like this ... You do not really love her if you show her off like this ... A real man do not wont another man to lust over his wife. Fake love

 Y'all act like y'all never seen anyone naked before. Majority of celebrities have posed nude before. Y'all find any reason to hate on her.
 Bunch of haters. Love Cardi and love that he is all for his lady! Let them live their lives how they want. They might be parents but they keep it sexy 💕

 her plastic surgeons are SLAYING her appearance, and I'm not "pressed" I'm just tired of fake shit being mainstream

 Yall think Cardi gives asf she use to b stripper cmon now yall

 his man is literally worshiping his woman and showing the world how lucky he feels he is and y'all got a problem with it? Plus they're famous! Who cares what they do? And also, who's kids are following offset and cardi? I mean they're both rappers with profanities and all other types of shit but THIS is the thing that is over the line. Like Nicki Minaj has not already tainted that shit enough with her trashy twerking and whatever else. And you know what? She is also entitled to do whatever the fuck she wants. Y'all need to hop off their dicks.

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