Nigerian man reveals how his Ex left him after She discovered his salary was 45k but now he earns higher

A Nigerian Man has taken to social media to narrate how his ex left after she got to know he earns N45,000. 

Hw however, disclosed that things have turned around for him. See his narration below,

 First and foremost most girls don’t realize that most men spend more than they earn. 

All in a bid to enhance affection towards them. I dated her for two years until that faithful day she found my salary voucher on my bed. Tho I do other side hustle that enabled me pay her bills.

 I’ve always known that when she discovers the amount I earn in my company, she will be scared of the future between us.

 I remember the days in shoprite that I was only able to afford bread. Oh my God, I don suffer. 

Anyway I had plans for us despite my 45k salary of an MSC holder. There is no financial hole I did not help her block. 

Infact I did what guys who earn more than me couldn’t do. She started misbehaving towards me ever since she saw that pay cheque. 

What she didn’t know was that I did not use my other professional qualification in the company and when she left me.

 I decided to forward other qualification to our management. 

Like play like play my salary rose to 75k after 3months 100k after 6 months 120k, now I am a site manager and I earn 360k. I believe the whole graduates in her family don’t earn what I now earn combined. 

I am not proud or beefing anyone. Am just reminiscing. 

By the special grace of God I will even go higher

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