Piers Morgan goes after Leo Messi in bizarre rant, shows Cristiano Ronaldo DMs: Report

Piers Morgan goes after Leo Messi in bizarre rant, shows Cristiano Ronaldo DMs: Report 

One of the people who got the most hurt and trolled for Ronaldo's decision to play in Saudi Arabia is Piers Morgan.  Just months before his big decision, the Portuguese star gave Morgan an interview and said his next destination wouldn't be about money.  Morgan was convinced he would play for one of Europe's top teams but he was wrong.  So much trolling has spawned from that interview that Morgan wanted to defend himself somehow.  However, the famous presenter always seems to take swipes at Leo Messi when he wants to praise Ronaldo.  Proving he may have an inferiority complex that he has never been able to shake.

 During an interview with Tatler, this is what Morgan said: "Thanks to the fall-out from our interview, Ronaldo signed the biggest transfer deal in football history, and is now the world's highest-paid athlete, at the age of 37. He's  also doing what he's done throughout his career, which for me gives him the edge over Messi, and that's challenge himself in a new country, and new league, at a time when football in the Middle East is really taking off, as we saw  At the Qatar World Cup where Morocco reached the semi-finals and Saudi Arabia beat the eventual winners, Messi's Argentina.

 Piers Morgan's texts with Cristiano Ronaldo
 About Ronaldo's time in Saudi Arabia, this is what Piers Morgan said: "He wanted freedom from Manchester United, where he rightly felt he had been badly disrespected by both the manager and senior club executives. Ideally, I think he'd have preferred to  He played for another top club in the Champions League for a year or two, but Al Nassr made him a staggering offer, and I think the fresh challenge of raising the profile of football in a new region of the world, at the twist of his incredible  career, really appealed to him. He's definitely happy. I've swapped a few texts with him, and he's absolutely loving it, on and off the pitch."

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