Hakimi's wife breaks the silence to express her support for the victims amidst allegations of rape

chraf Hakimi's wife (24), Hiba Abouk, broke her silence and offered support. Victims of a rape against the gambler of Paris Saint-Germain.

Hakimi was accused of rape at the beginning of the month and is being formally investigated. At the end of February, a 24-year-old woman from Fontenay-sous-Bois, in the Parisian suburbs, visited a local police station. According to Le Parisien, she was raped by a Moroccan international. The wife wouldn't press charges, but the district attorney took over the case.

Morocco's lawyer, Fanny Colin, denied the charges, while the leaders of Ligue 1. Are standing to support their gamer. "The accusations are wrong." He is quiet and puts himself at the disposal of the authorities,' said Colin.

Today, one month after the so-called events, Abu'k broke his silence. E-book, a 36-year-old actor, was with it. Hakimi for five years, and they've been married for the last three years. They have A couple of kids together, but they're getting divorced. By the time the alleged rape took place, the couple had already separated

First, it defended its silence on the issue. 'After making the decision to separate legal and no longer live together. Waiting for the divorce process, which you may imagine, in addition to the pain caused by separation, like. In addition to having to accept the sadness that comes with a failed project, that I gave body and soul, I was supposed to deal with this shameful act? I
 It took a long time to accept this shock," she said in a press release posted on her Instagram account, transcribed by RMC Sport.

The judicial process must be trusted, especially given the gravity of the charge. Nevertheless, in my life, I have always stood on the side of victims," she said. The Spanish actress concluded her message with a request that her privacy, and that of her children, be respected at this time given the "delicate circumstances."

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