“It’s going to be the biggest album of 2018.”

The saga of the Carter 5 has become a family feud for the ages, pitting bird against man. While the outlook has since become rather bleak, Lil Wayne fans have held out hope that the long lost project will one day surface. The narrative has generally painted Cash Money mogul Birdman as the villain in this scenario; public perception tends to think that Baby is the one responsible for the hold-up. In truth, the situation is likely rife with complexities unknown to the likes of us. Either way, the wait for Carter 5 has proven frustrating for Tunechi fans. Luckily, there may very well a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the wake of his recent documentary The Cash Money Story, Birdman has embarked on a press tour, covering topics ranging from his upcoming nuptial with Toni Braxton to the future of Lil Weezy’s lost project. Today, Birdman sat down with Rap-Up, sharing some tidings destined to send ripples through the internet. “You’ll get that this year,” confirms Baby, when asked about Tha Carter 5. As far as timeline, he confirms “that’s up to Tunechi.” Still, he guarantees we’ll be receiving the record this year.

While Birdman reveals he has yet to hear the album in full, he speaks highly of Weezy, saying “he’s the best ever.” “A lot of success comes from under his umbrella,” he continues. “I think it’s going to be the biggest album of 2018. One of em. Without a doubt.” Check out his words below. Are you buying this, or should we hold off on the celebration until something more tangible, like a single, surfaces.

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