Cardi B is taking care of her family and that’s all that matters.

Cardi B’s favourite platform is without a doubt Instagram. Before she blew up into the mega star that she is now, it was (and still is) the hub for all her hilarious videos and rants that she shared to the world. If someone tries to talk nonsense to her on the Gram, naturally, she’s going to respond and put them in line, no matter how much they claim to “love” her.

Cardi posted a picture of her stripping days with a comment detailing how she used to hit the pole with no makeup. A user commented on her picture asking for some clarification on how she spends her money and how she gives back.

“I love you but I was challenged by someone saying you got all that Shmoney but have you given back meaning what have you done to help others and what makes you a selfless person. Let me know so I can have a good argument besides the fact that’s you bad ass and working hard for what you got,” the user wrote. “I mean this with all respect Love you keep it up girl and come visit in Cali.”

Out of all the comments the “Bodak Yellow” rapper must get, this one she had to reply to. “I pay all my family member bills fuck you mean,” Cardi hits her back with.

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