Drake says the only thing he can do to top the feat is to keep helping.

Drake came through in his video for “God’s Plan,” giving away nearly a million dollars to organizations, women’s shelters and people in need. Last night, TMZ caught up with him to get a personal account of how he felt following his recent string of charitable actions. The Canadian artist replied saying, “[It’s] actually the best thing I’ve ever done in my life, to be honest.” Giving away a million dollars to people who need the money and non-profit organizations is certainly something to be proud of, and if anyone of us could financially afford to give away such a large amount, we’re sure it must feel incredible.

To have an impact on somebody’s life the way Drake did in Miami is the stuff of icons and if Drizzy wasn’t already at that level, he can unquestionably refer to himself as a philanthropist now, among other titles. Drake went on the explain that, in order to top his recent achievement, all he needs to do is continue helping others. We love to see him promoting positivity with his Instagram story following the release of the video, and now hinting that he’s only going to sustain the good deeds.

Drizzy drove off in a crazy whip after answering the photographer’s questions and we think that if he can afford the ‘Rari (and probably like 20 others cars) then he can certainly afford to part with a million of small change for a good cause.

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