Meek Mill’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, breaks down Judge Genece Brinkley’s conversation with his client and Nicki Minaj.

Meek Mill’s current legal situation has shined a light on a much bigger scenario. Meek was sentenced to two to four years behind bars for probation violation from a 10 year old charge. Judge Genece Brinkley’s conviction went against what the D.A. and probation officer advised. But perhaps what the strangest thing about this case is the private conversations the judge had with Meek Mill and his then girlfriend, Nicki Minaj. The story’s have already surfaced but we recently spoke to Joe Tacopina, Meek’s attorney, who gave us more insight to what happened in chambers that day.

Tacopina recently joined us for an in depth interview about Meek Mill’s case as well as some of the details that surfaced in the past. He gave us some details concerning the private conversations she had with Meek as well as with Nicki Minaj.

“She made a big deal months earlier on the record to say, ‘I can never speak to you without your lawyer Mr. Williams,'” he said, “And then there’s an instance where at the end of a proceeding, she asks to speak to Meek in chambers alone with Nicki Minaj, Meek’s then-girlfriend.”

He said that they went back to chambers without a court reporter to document the conversation, no lawyers or anyone present. After they came out, Meek and Nicki told Tacopina what transpired behind closed doors

“When Meek and Nicki came out of that private, in-chambers meeting, they both repeated a very troubling story that the judge had made a request of Meek to re-make a Boyz II Men song, Charlie Mack’s band, by the way, “On Bending Knees” and to give a shout out to the judge on the song.” He revealed, “And Meek thought, and Nicki as well, thought they were being subject to a joke or the judge was kidding and when they left the judge said, ‘I’m serious.’ And Meek refused that request. He said, ‘that’s not what I do. That’s not my genre.’ And she then said, ‘suit yourself.'”

Tacopina also reveals more about the sealed transcript that Genece Brinkley’s lawyer bragged about releasing. You could watch the full interview below.

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