Jelani Maraj is reportedly looking to clear his sentence for child rape.

Nicki Minaj has been off the radar since the end of December and fans have taken notice. Some loyal Nicki Gang members even created a website dubbed “Finding Nicki” with the countdown that reveals she’s been “missing” for 58 days now. We recently posted on reports that she’s been working with Lil Wayne, on a master tape that has caused her absence.

Nicki’s name has popped up in the headlines once again, as he brother – who was convicted of child rape in November – has reportedly asked the judge to throw out his conviction. Page Six reports that Jelani Maraj’s lawyer, David Schwartz, asked Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Robert McDonald to dismiss the guilty verdict that would land Jelani life behind bars.

The judge has yet to rule on the matter.

Jelani was convicted of raping his stepdaughter starting when she was 11-year-old when he was married to the victim’s mother. In November, the now 13-year-old took the stand and said Jelani threatened to take her away from her mother if she told anyone.

When Jelani was first arrested for the crime in December 2015, Nicki reportedly paid his bail. With the amount of evidence and trial dates, Nicki seemingly removed herself from advocating for her brother’s innocence.

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