Another bizarre incident surrounding the death of award-winning dancehall act, Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, known in showbiz as Ebony Reigns, has left many people dumb-founded after it was released onto the internet.

According to Yen.com, In the latest video to be sighted on social media, a lady who is believed to have attended the One Week Memorial of Ebony Reigns is alleged to have been possessed by the spirit of the late singer.

In the video, the young lady whose identity is yet to be ascertained was seen kneeling in front of Ebony Reigns ’ mother, Madam Beatrice Oppong. The possessed women was mimicking one who was wailing and asked the mother of Ebony to revenge her death by going after those who allegedly killed her. The lady who was in sunglasses and speaking as Ebony, went on to reveal that she was really fond of her mother and was disappointed that she had to exit the world.

Mother of Ebony, Madam Beatrice Oppong, who was in a sorrowful mood, told the possessed lady who was reported to have been inhabited by the spirit of Ebony that she had not neglected her. This follows news about a lady reported to have seen Ebony’s spirit at the site of the accident that claimed the life of the singer.

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