how evicted housemates are campaigning to get back into the house: BBNaija

Big Brother Naija reality show host, Ebuka made an announcement yesterday that two evicted housemates will now get a chance to get back into the house through viewers vote.

Some of the evicted housemates of the reality show took to their social media to launch campaigns to get back into the house.
Khloe who was disqualified from the show, wrote on Instagram;

Guess what guys? Koko can still win the money . Yay. But only with the help of my kokoArmy’s . Now it’s time to vote Khloe back in the house . Second chance ? Let’s hope so . #bbnaija#bigbrother2018#kokobykhloe#koko#
Dee-One took his own campaign to Twitter and here’s what he wrote;
“First of all I really thank everyone who has reached out to me and supported, I can’t thank you enough. There’s still a chance of getting back in but it can only happen if you suppor by voting now. Thank you guys’.
”I forget something for the house and na only me know where e dey…Please”
Ahneeka wrote on Instagram;
Y’all thought I wasn’t ready to come back??? No way! The truth is, I spent the better part of the day trying to wrap me head around the whole news. I mean.. who would have thought… Well my #AhneekaNinjas did. They even started the #bringbackahneeka campaign way before the news dropped. Now to the agenda of the day….
Do I want another shot at the competition? Hell yeah!
Do I promise to loose my home training? Hell No! My mama worked too hard
Will I cause drama in the house? Of course yes!…some tables need to be shaken and some Ahneeka-ship need to fly… .
Will Ahneeka 2.0 come out to play? Definitely!!! … actually she has already broken loose.. Bye Felicia!
Will I sleep in the house? Well… I need sleep na ..I’m not a vampire
Will I take my bathe? Hmm let me think?… Will get back to you guys on that. .
Will I SCATTER the house with fun and games? That is a definite YES cos Entertainment is not always about cattiness … so join the movement. #bbnaija#bringbackahneeka
Bitto wrote;
No Strategies this Time
THE REAL BITTO (BIG BITTO) kindly needs a second chance;
•Bitto is NOT MARRIED!
•Bitto is jovial (The Boy in your neighbourhood)
•Bitto is compassionate
Please Vote to put BITTO back in Big Brother’s House:
• SMS “VOTE BITTO” to 32052 •Visit
What do you guys think!!!! Let love win …. Can I still win ????
(In#bigbrothervoice)It may seem as thy #VANDORA wants back in …… Give me a chance by voting …. Thankyou very much
Anto wrote;

Anto said it herself. She can be silly and she can be serious.
Same with most people.

Anto Army, which side of Anto do you want to see more? Her silly side? Or her serious side? Or both? Which side do you want to see more of in the #bbnaija house?
First step is to vote Anto back in.

My people I know a lot of you were sad and disappointed at my unfortunate exit.
But God has given me another chance and with your help anything is possible.
pls vote me back in, tell your friends and family to vote and I promise to make you proud second time around.

Text “Vote k.brule” to 32052
Or visit the website

Angel wrote;

Wassup people. I’ve been trying to make this video every week since I got back. Haven’t been able to put it out cuz I’m a perfectionist but no time to be perfect, I need you.
My pepu my pepu
God bless una
I come to you this faithfull week as a humble entertainer.
Let us make history
Let me right my wrongs
Let me show you the rest of the iceberg
Text ” Vote k.brule ” to 32052
Visit dont forget to register
100 votes per platform
Princess wrote;
My people!!!! it’s time. U know princess is always with her fans. Let’s do this, vote me back into the game there is no “Double Wahala” without Princess. Where are my “Too Much Sauce Gang???? Oya God don answer prayer. Time to work I need u all.

Angel wrote;

Thanks once again for all your support. Here is the (mock) teaser of NEPHILIM! This was made to show you what we can do, no actors have been casted as at the time of his post.

Do enjoy and remember to vote Angel by sending vote Angel to 32052. Thank you all for making me a changed man. Do take care.

Ifu Ennada wrote;

Guys we can do this please and please I take God beg una . Biko abeg I take GOD BEG UNA NOTHING LIKE PRIDE ME I NEED THAT MONEY
I’m counting on your votes to put me back in the game
Vote now via Web or Mobile Browser

1. Click on the link in my bio to go to the BBnaija vote page
2. After registration, sign in using your mobile number ___
3. Select the image of #IfuEnnada from the options provided
4. Enter 100 (thanks) as the number of votes you wish you cast, click vote.
Do same on Web & Mobile browser to vote a total of 200 times.
To vote via SMS, Text “Vote Ifu Ennada ” to 32052
Thank you so much

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