J Prince Jr. demands more respect from Tekashi 6ix9ine.

J Prince and his sons Jas and Jr. do not mess around. While not entirely outspoken, when they have something to say, it’s urgent and serious. Tekashi 6ix9ine attempted to make his way into J Prince Jr.’s block party on Sunday, which was being held for the Rap-A-Lot Records CEO’s birthday. However, due to his past comments about not needing to Check in with rival gangs when visiting their turf, Prince Jr. wanted nothing to do with the “GUMMO” rapper showing his face in Houston. When 6ix9ine came through, Prince’s younger brother Baby Jay swiftly handled the situation, letting the New York rapper know he was not welcome.
Both parties have had significant responses to the ordeal, taking to social media to clear up the story. You’ll remember, the block party did not exactly end well as gun fire broke out, injuring two people in the process. Mob ties run deep in J Prince’s family, so for his son to be concerned about a Brooklyn Blood not feeling a need to check in when on other gang’s turf is to be expected. He posted a long message on Instagram explaining the situation and issuing a warning to Tekashi: “Not for one second do u get it misunderstood that u can get away with the disrespect in my city the way you’ve shown in others. We won’t tolerate it. Make your next move your best move!”
Tekashi has had prior issues with gangs in Texas, responding that J Prince Jr. is chasing clout by attacking him, saying that he will continue to not check in anywhere. J Prince does not play around and, with the steam following Tekashi appearing to slightly dissipate, this may be a situation where he doesn’t want the smoke. Peep both their posts below.

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