Reports say the rapper’s now out of jail.

While Youngboy Never Broke Again is one of the most promising young voices in hip hop right now, he’s also one of the most controversial. The rapper was arrested a few weeks back on an outstanding warrant after he allegedly beat his girlfriend. While his girlfriend has since denied it, the rapper’s still been incarcerated with the prosecutor on the case pushing for the rapper to complete the rest of his 10 year suspended sentence behind bars. It was reported the rapper was in jail without bail at the tail end of February. However, new reports say the rapper is now out.
After spending more than two weeks behind bars, Youngboy Never Broke Again is now out of jail, TMZ reports. The rapper was initially denied bail at his first court hearing but things changed at his second hearing on Monday. The rapper was released around 1 P.M. earlier today after posting $75K bail.
The rapper’s facing charges for felony kidnapping as well as aggravated assault.
It’s not completely clear what his conditions are but, if it’s like XXXTENTACION’s case, hopefully they’ll allow him to fulfill his contractual agreements and get back in the studio. The rapper announced his debut album Until Death Call My Name, in January with a release date set for March but later pushed back the release date. Earlier this week, he dropped a single off the project, “Right Or Wrong” featuring Future.

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