A Girl Disappears After Her Mother Criticized Her Immoral Affair

Oluwakemi Abayomi, a 15-year-old teenager, has disappeared from home after her mother, Mariam Lebi, reportedly scolded her for alleged immoral affair.

Report had it that the mother had also planned to punish her, including changing her environment, but she failed to return to her mother when she was ordered to go pack her luggage.

The case was reported to the police at the Ilasan Police Station. Punch correspondent gathered that the missing girl who is a primary six pupil was the mother’s first child.

Mariam Lebi, who is a cleaner in a public school, reportedly separated from her father when Oluwakemi was still a toddler. Lebi, who was reported to have had three other children with her new partner, revealed that her daughter went missing around 1pm on Sunday.

She said, “She was living with my mother in the Lekki Beach area. I stay around Itedo, which is just a stone’s throw from my mother’s place. Although she had been staying with my mother since she was five years old, I have been responsible for her upkeep. She never knew her father because he left us when she was an infant.

“I got a report of her misbehaviour and told her to bring her luggage to my house. I scolded her and told her that I would take her far away from this vicinity after her common entrance.

“She went to my mum’s house on Sunday to pick her luggage. As she was coming back, a tricycle rider I knew told me he picked her and dropped her off at Elf bus stop around 1pm. He said he saw her board a vehicle to Ajah. She was supposed to alight at Ikate Roundabout, but she didn’t return home.”

The Oyo State indigene said she became alarmed when her mother called to know if Abayomi had got home, hours after she left her (grandma’s) house. She said she inquired from Abayomi’s friends and other relatives and they said they didn’t know her whereabouts.

“Later, someone told me that a man came to her school to look for her on Wednesday when the school vacated. I was told that after the discussion, the man gave her a telephone number. Nobody knew who the man was and from the description, I don’t know the man myself.

“She was getting wayward and involving herself in immoral relationships when I became angry and decided to change her environment. But I didn’t expect her to disappear from home. She has never done this before and all my relatives said they have not seen her,” she added.

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