Breaking: CSOs Fear Fuel Scarcity Might Affect 2023 Elections

Breaking: CSOs Fear Fuel Scarcity Might Affect 2023 Elections

The West African Democracy Solidarity Network (WADEMOS) has issued a warning that the nation's lingering fuel scarcity may negatively impact the 2023 elections set for February.
 According to WADEMOS, a Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), fuel scarcity could affect the logistics and distribution of materials ahead of the 2023 general elections.

 The civil society asserted that there are grounds for worry given that previous elections in the country were postponed, in part due to logistical problems.

To lessen the potential impact of the present shortages on the election, WADEMOS requested the government to increase fuel availability.

 The CSOs made this call at a press conference that took place after its mission of solidarity in Nigeria ended on Saturday.

 “Observations have been made about multiple security concerns that could significantly threaten the smooth conduct of the elections,” its Director, Advocacy and Policy Engagement, Dr.  Kojo Pumpuni Asante said.

 “These include the strong undertone of religious and ethnic tensions taking center-stage in the political discourse and debate among political parties and candidates alike.”

The statement added: “Another issue of concern is around the deployment of materials and logistics ahead of the election.  This fear is exacerbated by the current long-running incidence of fuel scarcity in the country.  We strongly note the postponement of previous elections in Nigeria, partly due to logistical concerns.

 This has the tendency of increasing voter apathy and turnout, particularly for voters who will travel long distances to their polling stations.

 “Again, it has implications for the movement of security personnel and patrol teams that will be deployed to provide security for the election.”

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