Jamie Carragher says Jorginho will be vital for Arsenal 'in cooling heads' in the premier league run-in: Report

Jamie Carragher says Jorginho will be vital for Arsenal 'in cooling heads' in the premier league run-in: Report 

Jamie Carragher claims that Jorginho could become an important signing for Arsenal, with the Italian set for a deadline day switch from rivals Chelsea.

 Concerns had been leveled at the 31-year-old's playing style not fitting the system that has propelled Arsenal to the top of the table, but Carragher insisted his importance lies in his trophy-winning expertise.

 Jorginho's move to the Gunners is one of the key stories of a frantic deadline day, and with a £12million fee agreed between the two teams he looks set to bolster Mikel Arteta's midfield.

 After having several bids for Moises Caicedo rejected by Brighton earlier this month, Jorginho emerged as something of a surprise option, with Arsenal keen to bring in quality back-up to Granit Xhaka and Thomas Partey.

 'They needed to bring someone in and they've gone for Caicedo, but they can't get that done,' Carragher said.  'Jorginho is an interesting one, and I was listening to people talk about to today, saying he's not the style of Arsenal, it's so quick and energetic, and he's the opposite of that.

 'And I get that argument, but when it comes to ten games left in the season, when they might actually need cool heads and there's a pressure moment in the Premier League run-in, he might actually be a good signing, in terms of  slowing things down and cooling heads.

 He's a player who's won a Champions League and a European Championship in the last few years.  He's a top player, and he is a different style from Arsenal and I'm not saying that's the case for Arsenal forever, but I think that could be a big help for Arsenal as we get towards the end of the season when they start to  get nervous.

 The Gunners have been fortunate in their injury record so far this season, with key figures Xhaka and Partey remaining largely unafflicted throughout the campaign.

 Both have had their issues with injury, and Partey in particular has missed several games at a time during his Arsenal career.

 However, although he favors a slightly slower playing style, with an emphasis on numerous short-range passes, he does bring a wealth of trophy-winning experience that Arsenal are largely missing.

 With Chelsea Jorginho lifted the Champions League in 2021, before winning Euro 2020 the same summer with Italy, his experience could prove the difference as the Gunners look to win a first Premier League in 19 years.

 The club also missed out on a deal to bring Ukrainian star Mykhailo Mudryk to the Emirates earlier in January in a bid to shore up their offensive ranks after an injury to star striker Gabriel Jesus, with many speculating another striker would be targeted.

 'I felt there would be a big name striker coming in because of the situation with Jesus, but they bought Trossard and Nketiah's been doing so well that Trossard may end up being an impact player from the bench,' added the ex-Liverpool legend.

 But he insisted that the midfield was a more pressing concern, saying: 'I think they've got a problem with the midfield - they've been fortunate that the midfield has played basically all season without getting injured - I think Elneny's picked something up  that may be a little more serious, and he is the back-up option.

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