OMG: He believes he's the best in the world, unfairly criticized Messi now receives the worst karma

OMG: He believes he's the best in the world, unfairly criticized Messi now receives the worst karma

The Argentine National Team is experiencing a dream moment, after being crowned world champion in the Qatar 2022 tournament, which had a superlative Lionel Messi and the confirmation of Dibu Martínez as an exclusive figure.  However, it was something that Zlatan Ibrahimovic seemed not to see, and he criticized the actions of some of the Argentine soccer players during the competition.

 After the words of the Swede, who only gave credit to Leo and tried to minimize the rest of the squad, Aguero was the one who took the glove and hit him hard with his words.  In his personal Twitch account, Kun mocked him by saying that what the Milan striker really felt was jealousy, since his team didn't even qualify for the World Cup.  But now, another weighty name referred to the subject.

This is Angel Di María, one of the heroes in the final of the world.  In an interview with the newspaper Olé, he said that although there was controversy during the World Cup and there is even after, he took the attack on Sweden without much importance.  "We didn't give him a ball," commented the Rosario measuredly.  It is that they know each other very well after sharing the field for years.

 With that simple phrase, the former Real Madrid player put cold cloths on the situation, with no intention of continuing to enlarge a pointless problem.  In addition, they have a great relationship after meeting for several years at Paris Saint Germain, and for this reason Di Maria did not want to get too involved.  Now, the topic seems to be almost finished.

 The future of Ángel Di María in the Argentine National Team

 In the run-up to the World Cup, the 34-year-old winger had announced that once the championship was over he would say goodbye to the national team.  However, a few weeks ago a rumor arose that he would have finally backed down on that determination;  so he took it upon himself to clarify the matter.  My colleagues convinced me.  There is Noodle for a while!

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