Zlatan blasts Messi's friends, the Mexican who earned his praise

As Zlatan blasts Messi's friends, the Mexican who earned his praise

Zlatan Ibrahimovic unloads against Argentines, but has respect for the Mexican player

Zlatan Ibrahimovic sparked a furor in the Argentine national team after his criticism of the team's mockery after the end of the 2022 World Cup.  In that sense, the Swedish player has established himself bluntly and assured on Radio France that the Argentines do not deserve his respect, after the mockery of the rivals after winning the World Cup.

 The 41-year-old Milan attacker began by remarking on the wish he had expressed in the middle of the competition, when he favored Lionel Messi to be consecrated and lift the coveted trophy.  "I said Argentina would win the World Cup, because if you want to remember this World Cup in Qatar for the rest of history, who should win? Messi, not MbappĂ©, because Messi is considered the best player in history. I was sure he  was going to win," Zlatan kicked off.

However, while Zlatan lashed out in the Argentines, in Mexico, there is one player he respects and admires.  It is precisely Efrain Alvarez, a player with whom he played with during his time with the LA Galaxy, and he did not hesitate to talk about the player's talent and what he shows on the field.

 What did Zlatan say about Efrain Alvarez?
 Speaking to LA Galaxy media, Zlatan said that Alvarez is a soccer man.  "For me, he knows soccer. There are players who play soccer and players who think about soccer. Alvarez is a player who thinks about soccer and they are the best because the guy who plays is training to play, the ones who think are made  to play, that's the difference," Ibrahimovic said.

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