Messi or Ronaldo? Which sporting stars could earn most money per Instagram post?

Messi or Ronaldo?  Which sporting stars could earn most money per Instagram post?

How much money could these global sporting superstars earn just from Instagram?

 In sport today, it's almost unheard of that an athlete earns 100 percent of their money from performances alone.

 Since social media has become the forefront of the internet, celebrities have started to profit from their online presence.

 Instagram is one of the biggest platforms for fans to keep track of what their favorite sports people are up to, and the biggest stars boast millions of followers.

 But which elite level athletes earn the most through social media?  And which sport has the highest-paid stars?

 Betsperts has calculated the top 10 athletes and women who could earn the most money per Instagram post, and it makes for a very interesting list.

 Who could be the top earning sportsmen from Instagram?
 10. Paul Pogba, Football (57.2m followers) Paul Pogba of Juventus looks on between his stints at Juventus and Manchester United, Pogba has earned a large social media following.

 Betsperts has calculated he could earn anywhere between $492,000 and $666,000, or £398k and £539k per Instagram post.

 9. Marcelo, Football (61.8m followers)

 Marcelo may be without a club right now, but he is still one of the world's most recognizable footballers.

 The former Real Madrid man could earn as much as $718k or £582k per Instagram post.

 8. Karim Benzema, Football (65.9m followers) Karim BenzemaAnother Real Madrid icon who could earn a staggering amount through Instagram.

 Benzema's calculations predict anything from $568k and $768k (£459k and £622k) per post.

 7. David Beckham, Football (77.6m followers)

 Becks may have been retired for a while now, but he is still a hugely popular figure.

 His impressive Instagram following could equate to him earning anywhere between $668k and $903k (£540k and £731k) per post.

 6. Kylian Mbappe, Football (98.1m followers) You don't become one of the most popular sporting icons on the planet and not be paid a handsome amount for it.

 Mbappe is predicted to earn as much as $1.2m or £980k per Instagram post.

 5. LeBron James, Basketball (146m followers) LeBron James

 James was named the world's highest earning basketball player and second most marketable athlete by Forbes in 2022.

 His huge social following could see him earn as much as $1.7m or £1.3m per Insta post.

 4. Neymar, Football (204m followers)

 Football makes up the majority of the list due to wildly popular figures like Neymar.

 His social presence has forecast a potential earning of $1.8m and $2.4m (£1.4m and £2m) per Instagram post.

 3. Virat Kohli, Cricket (237m followers)

 Kohli is considered one of the greatest batsmen of all time.

 The Indian national team legend could earn anything from $2m to $2.7m per post, or £1.6m and £2.2m.

 2. Lionel Messi, Football (432m followers)

  Lionel Messi with the World Cup trophy

 If there was a debate over the GOAT of social media earnings per post, Messi would miss out on this one.

 The Argentinian has been calculated to earn between $3.8m and $5.1m, or £3.1m and £4.1m for each Instagram post.

 1. Cristiano Ronaldo, Football (549m followers)

  Al-Nassr's striker Cristiano Ronaldo

 As the most followed individual account on Instagram, who else was going to top this list?

 Ronaldo's estimated earnings could see him earn an eye-watering $4.7m to $6.4m (£3.8m to £5.2m).  Yes, that's per post.

 Who could be the top earning sportswomen?
 10. Megan Rapinoe, Football (2.1m followers)

 Whether it's for her talent on the pitch, or for her voice off it, Rapinoe is a household name.

 With 2.1 million followers, she could earn anywhere between $19k to $26k, or £15k to £21k per Instagram post.

 9. Martha, Football (2.5m followers)

 Similar to Rapinoe, Marta is a footballing legend and is Brazil's all-time top goalscorer, regardless of gender.

 The 37-year-old could earn between $22k (£18k) and $30k (£24k) per Instagram post.

 8. Valentina Shevchenko, UFC (2.6m followers)

 Shevchenko is one of the leading names in the UFC, and she currently holds

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