Calls are growing so that Karim Benzema is put on the bench of Real Madrid

Calls are growing so that Karim Benzema is put on the bench of Real Madrid

Karim Benzema is the title winner of the Ballon d'Or, the best in the world last season at Real Madrid, and probably their best player as well. There is no club where applications are higher, however, and recently a number of people have asked that Benzema be benched by Carlo Ancelotti.

The French striker has been struggling with fitness problems throughout the season, and rarely seems to complete a full week of training. The 35-year-old hasn't missed as many matches since the World Cup, but he doesn't seem to be in good shape either.

While 19 goals and 5 assists in 29 games would be great stats for most attackers, Relevo notes that at this point in the final campaign, Benzema was around 36 goals. Equally, he seemed unlikely to his 15 assists  last season. There is no question that he is not the same player as in the previous campaign.

Marca posted a commentary by Amalio Moratalia the next day after El Clasico who.
called on Carlo Ancelotti for the Benzema bench, but no longer to rest the Frenchman more regularly.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid correspondents Kiyan Sobhani have asked Ancelotti to consider using Rodrygo Goes rather than Benzema given its current shape.

Benzema lack of fitness has been a problem throughout the season, and it is not unfair to say. That Los Blancos was better in the early stages of the Benzema-free season than now. 

If he struggles with sharpness continue, it will become a major point of discussion before a Champions League quarter-final of transcendental importance for the season of Real Madrid.

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