Chelsea is thrilled with the progress of Gabriel Slonina, as «Gaga» makes an impression

Chelsea is thrilled with the progress of Gabriel Slonina, as «Gaga» makes an impression

Daily before and after training, Gabriel Slonina writes in his diary

Chelsea's new goaltender, signed by the Chicago Fire of MLS for 8.1 million pounds ($10 million) this past summer, has gone through the same routine over the past 11 years. He has already completed 15 books of notes and continues to use them as a reference. He's been moving to England all this time

These diaries list the short, medium and long-term goals Slonina has set for herself and the specific aspects she wants to remember from training and matches, good and bad

One of the reasons he writes down his thoughts before a training session is to  focus on what he wants to accomplish that day, to make sure his career stays ahead

It is in its early stages in Chelsea, but it is clear that the exercise is bearing fruit

Slonina, who seems mature  such a young person, has been signed with the future in mind. However, he is ambitious and aims to become the number one club and USMNT player

After signing in August, the teenager had to wait to work with  new teammates when he was loaned  to Chicago until the end of the MLS season in November. He officially joined Graham Potter's team in January, but enjoyed a taste of life at the club in October (Chicago failed to qualify for the season-ending championship playoffs) away from home at Brentford and visited Manchester United. at Stamford Bridge three days later

Slonina signed a six-year deal in Chelsea in August, but completed the MLS campaign on loan to Chicago Fire (Photo: Darren Walsh/Chelsea FC through Getty

He  quickly adapted to his new environment. Living in an apartment near the club's training ground in Surrey, south  London - preferring it there to the city centre, where there are  more distractions - he maintains a strict daily regimen; go to bed at 10 o'clock every night and wake up at 7 a.m. at the latest. He was actually one of the first players to enter the Cobham complex every day and one of the last to leave

Slonina's work ethic has been noticed, especially by Chelsea's new American owners. Everyone in the club is used to calling him "Gaga", a nickname given to him by his family when he was young and has nothing to do with the singer. The name stuck and he  even used it as his Twitter account.

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