Chelsea's owner, Todd Boehly, is poised to fulfill his promise of acquisition

Chelsea's owner, Todd Boehly, is poised to fulfill his promise of acquisition

Chelsea's owner, Todd Boehly, could complement one of the club's long-term ambitions with comments by UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin

We spoke of having a multi-club model," Boehly said in September. "I look forward to continuing to build that footprint. There are different countries in the world where having a club is advantageous. Red Bull does a good job. Manchester City has an extensive nightclub network

Our objective is to provide our young stars with the opportunity to access the Chelsea field while allowing them to play in real time. It goes through another club in a truly competitive European league."

UEFA President Ceferin alluded to the possible easing of restrictions which prevent clubs with the same owner from taking part in the same European competitions. Speaking as part of Gary Neville's The Overlap podcast, Ceferin acknowledged that the governing body is looking at changing the rules.

We've had five or six club owners who are interested in buying another club," he said. "We have to see what to do. The options are that it stays that way or that we allow them to compete with each other. No, I don't know

The President of Strasbourg, Marc Keller, confirmed at the beginning of the month that he was in negotiations with Boehly regarding a total or partial sale of the French part. Any change in the position of the UEFA may speed up the movement. At present, the rules do not allow access to European competitions for clubs that own or sell shares or shares of another participating club.

Although this regulation does not apply if a landlord with a 100% shareholder in one club has a 'non-decisive influence' in another club. With this in mind, Boehly would need UEFA to change their previous rules if he wants to take complete control of Strasbourg.

Mykhailo Mudryk plays the new part of Chelsea with ease because Christian Pulisic left with reason to worry.

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