Cristiano Ronaldo makes bold statements about Saudi Arabia's league

Cristiano Ronaldo makes bold statements about Saudi Arabia's league

The Portuguese attacker claimed he had refused European bids in order to join him. Al Nasser in Saudi Arabia, but there's no question that many felt it was a step backwards for Ronaldo of Manchester United. 

Nevertheless, the Portuguese superstar told the Portuguese press (via MD) that the level of soccer in Saudi Arabia is high.

I was pleasantly taken aback. Players from other countries have different qualities. In five, six or seven years, it will be the fourth or fifth most competitive league in the world if we keep going with the same plan. I can play, I got minutes.

He acknowledged that the end of the year had been tough, with Portugal is defeated. From Morocco in the World Cup, even though he left Manchester United in no scarcity of acrimony.

I feel perfectly fine. This place is mine. We had the opportunity to think. I was in trouble and I didn't mean to throw in the towel. I've met Cristiano in unprecedented situations.

I'm happy because the coach is looking for me. He talked to all the players and I talked to him. It's always my desire to lead Portugal to the top. When the coach wants me, I'll be on hand.

Portugal has a new manager in charge of Roberto Martínez, who Ronaldo talked about a lot. The big question for the Spaniard will be whether he will continue with Ronaldo in his XI of departure, or give him up for Goncalo Ramos in form.

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