Cristiano Ronaldo ridiculed by fans for 'flagrant diving' in 6-0 Portugal wins against Luxemburg

Roberto Martinez's team defeated the Minnows 6-0 in Luxembourg on Sunday when they qualified second in the European Championship.

Veteran striker Ronaldo, 38, has been on the scorecard twice with his 198th title against Portugal. They finished ahead of their opponents with Joao Felix, Bernardo Silva, Otavio and Rafael Leao

But the ridiculous pictures of Ronaldo diving to try to get a player from the opposition did online - This is not his first move against Luxemburg - with the player properly given a yellow card by referee Radu Petrescu despite his protests.

Followers soon turned to social media to make fun of the superstar for her shameless cheating.

The video shows Ronaldo running to the centre of New York FC backstroke Maxime Chanot and hitting the ball between his legs.

But instead of skirting her opponent, who pulls her leg away from the challenge, The ex-man from Manchester United throws himself to the ground in a theatrical way.

He also rotated his right leg toward the defender's leg to create the illusion of contact, throwing his arms downwards and catching. A dramatic tumult while screaming in simulated agony before turning around and shouting at the referee for a free kick.

And fans have paid little attention to him on Twitter, with a saying: 'Ronaldo, 4 nothings against Luxembourg. And always feels the need to plunge and try to get a player sent,' with a confused emoji.

A second added: 'He knew that he cannot pass no one lol', while another posted: 'Ronaldo. "I have to dive into farmers" on top of a video of someone pounding on a hotel bed like a salmon.

We went on: 'Ronaldo plunging openly and getting.Set aside for that vs. a team of plumbers. Shameless.'

A fifth tweeted: 'I just watched Ronaldo get a yellow to dive against Luxemburg and I can't stop laughing. '

And the user who posted the video said: 'I will never understand Ronaldo How can you dive like that while still being great time...'.

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