Gavi 'may leave Barcelona free of charge this summer'

Gavi 'may leave Barcelona free of charge this summer'

Barcelona wonderkid Gavi could quit the club free of charge the summer after the last chapter of a long race. Litigation concerning the registration of a new contract which he signed in September.

Gavi - who made a break at Camp Nou last season - has amassed 84 appearances for.
The Catalan giants, although they are only 18 years old, played a key role in Xavi's climb with a 12-point lead at the top. 

However, in the club's latest confrontation with LaLiga over pay limits, The Athletic reported that they were unable to. Record Gavi as a player of the first team, which means that his status has been returned to that of a player of the academy.

When her new deal was signed last year, the Spanish starlet was always registered as an academy player, but there was one. Plan to change that status to a primary player on the team - something that can only be done during a transfer window. 

They were unable to do so in January, with LaLiga claiming that Barcelona was in breach of their wage cap.As part of the new deal Gavi signed, there was a clause that allowed him to leave with a free transfer. if he has not yet been enrolled as a first team player by June 30, 2023.

In their attempts to record it, just before the end of January, Barcelona requested a legal decision, without prior knowledge. From LaLiga, where they tried to force Gavi's enrollment as their first team player.

Catalans giants claimed that the Spanish league's refusal to record Gavi's new deal was part of a harassment campaign against the club.

The report goes on to say that they first succeeded, and on January 31 a court ordered a temporary merger that forced LaLiga to register. Gavi as the first player of the team, before a more permanent solution is found in a later case, with 20 days being given in this case to drop.

Barcelona then submitted documents for this new case on 2 March, but LaLiga contested this and stressed that they had filed documents after the deadline.

Athletics continues by saying that last week the court ruled in favour of LaLiga, and insisted that Barcelona had indeed filed late documents.

Xavi's camp then had five days to respond before a final decision was made as to whether Gavi would continue to be a first-team player or an academy player.

The tribunal remained with their decision to lift the temporary injunction that had made LaLiga recognize the midfield as one. First team player, with the Spanish league describing how they will come back to its registration to an academy player in the coming days.

Barcelona reportedly refuted the allegation that they had submitted documents late and explained that they intended to appeal the decision.

Although it will not affect Gavi's ability to play for the first team, he will have to change his shirt No. 6 he had been wearing to his old No. 30 and its possible availability on a free transfer is likely to alert applicants.

The overall picture appears to be the last part of an increasingly tense battle between Barcelona and LaLiga over financial regulation.

Gavi is currently on an international mission with Spain before the Euro 2024 qualifier games with Norway and Scotland this week.
The new owner Luis de la Fuente begins his reign after having succeeded Luis Enrique after the World Cup.

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