Klopp: "Anyone who wants to win the Champions League must defeat Madrid and City

Klopp: "Anyone who wants to win the Champions League must defeat Madrid and City

The Liverpool coach did not complain about the outcome of tonight's return leg in the Bernabéu: "The best team succeeded"

Jürgen Klopp attended the media after his Liverpool team lost the Champions League, losing the return match on Wednesday 1-0 and 6-2 overall

After the game, as the players exchanged  congratulations and condolences, Liverpool's national anthem, You'll Never Walk Alone, rang across the grounds at PA Stadium. European crown. between them.

YNWA to the Bernabeu: I didn't hear it, they told me about it later. What a beautiful gesture. It's a great club, it's really nice to be in front of each other

Was this the kind of match you were hoping for? We were hoping for a different type of match. They looked really good tonight. They had a better shot. You must be respectful of your adversary. Not on the night of the miracle. Allison probably made some sensational stops. Whoever deserved it the most has passed. We must do better in the playoffs."

The night is tough: 'Being 5-2 is clearly not a good result. If you want to go through, you need a really special performance and we couldn’t do that tonight. It was, for a few moments, an open match tonight, I would suggest. But Madrid had the best chances, Ali had to make two amazing stops. Ultimately, the goal was a little choppy but not decisive. The right team showed up. It has to be recognized. Madrid controlled the match - we gave them one chance to control it. There are 500,000 exits and it was up to us this evening".

Have you spoken to Ancelotti about this year's handball rule and possible punishment? Frankly, I couldn't understand. I told him and he told me. You saw it on the monitor."

Madrid, the favorite: "Yes, according to their experience, but there are very strong teams. Anyone who wants to win the Champions League is going to have to beat Madrid and Manchester City".

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