Messi may make the PSG angry while Martínez and his wife repeat the famous obscene gesture

Albiceleste clinched her third title in December after defeating France in the penalty game in Qatar. It was a frenetic finale that ended 3-3 after overtime, but Messi's Argentina won the shootout.

For Lionel Scaloni, however, came back to action on Thursday night as they welcomed Panama to Buenos Aires. Before the match, the fans were certainly in fine voice as they roasted their heroes on a moving night in South America.

Messi seemed to be in tears as the Argentine faithful gathered behind their team and serenaded them on the pitch for the first time since this famous victory over France. However, the fans can expect a better performance for themselves against a team ranked 61st in the world.

Argentina beat Panama 2-0 at the Estadio Monumental thanks to the goals of Thiago Almada and Messi in front of more than 80,000 exhilarating fans. After the match, the players, the training staff and the families decided to stay on the ground and celebrate with the fans.

A song they sang, though, included a line which hammered France. A video, which has now become viral on social media, appeared to show Messi joining the rest of Argentina's team. The English translation said, "A minute's silence for... France, they died."

With Messi still in PSG, a song of this kind probably doesn't go well with the fans - and the rest of his French teammate. The sevenfold winner of the Ballon d'Or is in breach of contract this summer and was booed by sections of the PSG fanbase when they lost to Rennes on Sunday.

During this time, Kylian Mbappe suffered a few quarrels with the Argentine players after the final, Including Emi Martinez, who seemed to make fun of Mbappe after brandishing a doll with his face during their awards show.

The guardian of Aston Villa also made headlines when he made an obscene gesture after winning the Golden Glove. He said he regretted the incident in February - but returned to do exactly the same thing, this time with the World Cup trophy.

Argentinian players including Emi Martínez with the World Cup trophy.

Some of his Argentine colleagues joined Martinez this time, while his wife also took part in the celebrations. It was in spite of saying three days earlier: "My wife told me: 'Please, you're not going to do this thing again' I told her, no love, remain calm."

Every player received a replica of the World Cup trophy and they definitely did the best. They walked through the stadium to thank everyone in the field for their support. Certain players from Panama also seemed to join the Argentinian team and congratulate it.

Messi then talked to the crowd and said, "I have always dreamed about this moment and to celebrate with you. Back home in Argentina. I don't want to forget all the teammates I used to have because we also did our best to get it. Let's enjoy our third star."

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