Neymar loses $900,000 in online casino gambling

The star of Paris Saint-Germain - which makes £3.2 million per month- Left on his own after he was kicked out for the remainder of the season with an ankle injury.

Neymar is not opposed to gambling in his spare time. . . Something it has a lot, as it recovers after its operation.

The 31-year-old pretended to cry as a simulated Titanic theme started playing when its realization started.  - Music that is often used on social media as memes for times of sadness.

Neymar does not object to the game in his spare time - something he has a lot , as he recovers after his surgery.

Although he is best known for his love of poker, Neymar often gambles in online games on his Twitch platform.

In doing so, it has wasted a great deal of money. Not that Brazilian foreigner seems to care.

The 31-year-old feigned tears as a simulated Titanic theme began to play when its realization. Putin - music which is frequently used on social media as a meme for painful moments.

Within seconds, we saw a series of mocking emotions transform into tears. Laughs, before it cries in anguish - putting its fingers in its mouth.

He went on to say 'oh f***' with a laugh before joining the discordant flute music - feigning to play the instrument.

One of his teammates in the background according to Globo Esporte, might have heard Neymar 'went from a million to zero in 60 minutes'.

Neymar jokingly said he would put the video of the day on YouTube.

Obviously not too angry to lose 900000 pounds, the reaction of the Brazilian with rankle with some.

Clearly not too upset to lose 900,000 pounds, the reaction of the Brazilian with rankle with certain.

In the United Kingdom, government legislation is introduced to restrict betting companies appearing as folder sponsors in the Premier League.

And just this week, the British company William Hill was struck with a record £19.2m fine for '

Widespread failures - including enabling a client to spend £23,000 in just 20 minutes without any control.

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