The 200 million for which Cristiano did not throw away the Al Nassr captain's ribbon

The 200 million for which Cristiano did not throw away the Al Nassr captain's ribbon

Al Nassr lost to FC Ittihad in the Saudi Arabian league 1-0 and took the lead from Cristiano Ronaldo's team, placing second by one point.  And the truth is that beyond the result, Cristiano Ronaldo starred in an action that was not pleasant at all in this defeat of Al Nassr and in front of all the cameras, in the middle of the Saudi Arabia league match

Cristiano put on a real show because he was about to commit an offense that could have cost him dearly in the Saudi Arabian team, taking into account that its owners are very demanding when it comes to taking care of any symbol that he has to do with the  institution or that represents a brand of leadership, as in this case is the captain's ribbon.

 Cristiano Ronaldo was about to throw the captain's tape to the ground until he realized that he could commit a serious offense and he regretted doing it, so much so that the cameras recorded him at the right moment where he was about to carry out this action,  which few expected from a player as experienced as he is.  The truth is that he likes to win, at all costs

Why Cristiano Ronaldo regretted throwing the captain's tape at Al Nassr

 Cristiano did not throw the captain's tape because he could receive million-dollar economic fines that reached 200 million dollars, costing him a real fortune, or even sports sanctions against him that would undoubtedly become a true scandal at the national level.  international.  The philosophy there is that everyone must respect it, from the most experienced player to the youngest, but appreciation for the institution that pays their salary can never be lost.

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