INEC talks about the cancellation of the 2023 presidential election

In its statement, INEC argued that the alleged violations brought by some interested parties were not sufficient grounds to invalidate the February 25 exercise. 

The Electoral Commission announced his position on Tuesday as part of a response to a petition by the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and its presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar about the election results.

The February 25 presidential election  put the country's entire judicial system  on trial, showing that the results of  the presidential election  were rigged in favor of All Progressive Congress (APC) presidential candidate Bora Tinub. 

He added that there was "empirical evidence". However, INEC, through attorney Abubakar Mahmood, found that the alleged disputes that followed PDP and Atiku's alleged final result statement were not substantive enough to halt the entire process.

Election officials also denied favoring any party or candidate, claiming that the presidential election was conducted substantially in accordance with the  2022 Elections Act and INEC rules and guidelines for conducting the 2022 elections. . 

According to INEC, "the acts of non-compliance (if any) were not serious enough to affect the outcome of the election or the declared outcome.

" INEC added: As complainants allege, no violation was of a nature so serious as to invalidate the election. "

INEC has informed the court that  the 2023 presidential election will be free, fair and credible, contrary to petitioners' claims. 

Technological devices such as Permanent Voter Cards (PVC), Electronic Voter Registers (EVR) and (BVAS) are being deployed to improve the simplicity, reliability, transparency and integrity of the voting process. added.

 However, the BVAS machine "is not designed to transmit election results in real time  for verification purposes."

The Commission believes that  public statements attributed to its chairman and other officials named in paragraph 19 of the petition will, in order to improve transparency, completeness and credibility, implement techniques and technical devices. said it was a statement that reassured the public of their commitment and determination to continue to use An overview of the electoral process  under the 2022 Electoral Act.

 “Contrary to allegations made by the petitioner at paragraph 19 of the petition, Defendant 1 has not implemented an electronic comparison system that transmits the results of voting units in real time, or has not implemented electronic transmission of such voting units. I am not advocating that the results should occur in the underlying form for summarizing the results from the various levels of investigation.

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