Amanda had left. I went back to my bedroom to arrange my bed when my younger sister returned to tell me that someone wanted to see me. I went out to see the person and realized it was Mr. Bull. He was my neighbour and also the manager of the hotel Annie and her man-friend had slept in last night.

“Good morning, Mr. Bull. How may I be of help to you?”
“Good morning, Luther. I heard about the commotion you caused last night at the hotel.” He said.
“Can you blame me?” I asked. “I hope the hotel management has no plans of pressing charges?” I asked.
“No, they aren’t. By the way, your girlfriend seemed to have enjoyed herself very well last night.” He said.
“What do you mean by that, Mr. Bull. If you are trying to knock me into a cold and sullen mood, I have the pleasure to tell you that you are really succeeding.”

He laughed.

“Anyway, I don’t need to make you feel bad, Luther. But she forgot her phone on the bed. That tells how intense the enjoyment was.” Mr. Bull laughed out loud.
“Will you just stop being a clown, Mr. Bull?” I was getting angry now. “Please may I have the phone?”
“I am sorry.” He said and stopped laughing. He handed the phone to me and went back to his apartment.

I dialed Amanda’s number and told her to inform her friend that I have her phone. She sounded pleased. A few minutes later, her phone rang. I picked and it was Annie calling with her mum’s number.

“Hello, Mr. Bull.” I forgot my phone at the hotel. Can you please keep it safely for me? I will come and collect it later.”
“This is not Mr. Bull.” I said with glee. “This is your worst nightmare, Martin Luther preparing ninety-five theses against you.”

I expected her to be shocked or angry or to elicit any other negative reaction. Instead, she was happy, very happy that it was me.

“Oh my God, Luther. I am so happy it’s you. Please can we talk? We really need to talk, please.”
“We have nothing to talk about, Annie. You have chosen your path. I wish you well in your journey. As for the phone, forget it. I am not giving you.” I said, angrily.
“You can keep the phone if that will make you happy. But please, let’s meet and talk. I really need to talk to you.” She pleaded.
“Forget it, Annie. You betrayed me. You slept with another man without caring how I feel and now you want to talk to me? There’s nothing to talk about.” I told her and dropped the call.

If Amanda hadn’t come into the picture, I might have given her a listening ear. However, Amanda had complicated the whole thing. My mind was drifting towards her and I couldn’t help it.

In the evening, I was reclining on a folding chair at the back of our house when Amanda came without calling. I was first surprised then happy. I got up from the chair and gave her a very tight hug.

“Mandy, my love.” I said. “Welcome to my home but you didn’t call before coming.”
“Martin, good evening.” She said. She was the only one who constantly called me Martin. “I didn’t call because you wouldn’t have allowed me to see you.”
“Why?” I asked.
“Because I am not alone. I didn’t come alone.”
“Who did you come with?”
“What?!” I almost screamed. “You brought her here? What games are you two trying to play?”
“No games, Martin Luther. She just wants to talk to you. Please give her a listening ear, please.”

I was confused. It was true that you can never understand women. Just yesterday, Annie had openly cheated on me and here she was today, trying to make up. Amanda on the other hand had just slept with Annie’s boyfriend and she still had the guts to accompany her to see me. Women!!!

“Alright, tell her to come.” I said.
She left and returned with Annie who had been hiding behind a small bush in our compound. I brought a bench for them and they sat down. Annie began talking.
“Luther, my love. Please forgive me.”
“Funny thing Annie, I already forgave you.”
“You have?” She asked, wide-eyed.
“As strange as it may sound, I have forgiven you but there’s a little problem.”
“What is it? Please tell me and we will solve it together.”
“We can’t get back together. I have found someone else and we are madly in love with each other.” I revealed.
When I said this, I threw a glance at Amanda and she looked at the floor.

Annie started crying while Amanda dried her tears and tried to console her. I got up from my chair and abandoned them.

That was the last time I saw Annie for almost four years because the next day, I went back to the city and never returned. The Anglophone crisis had started and there were spates of violence in various places. As a result, my family decided to move my mum to Nigeria where she originated from. She was now living in Calabar with the rest of my family while I stayed back to continue with my studies.

Amanda and I promised to keep in touch but I lost her number a few months after I left the village. She was not on social media and we went incommunicado for several years. Annie, I heard had realized too late that her man-friend was already married to two wives. Yes, they did get married and she became the third wife and bore a son for him through operation. After she put to bed, he made life a living hell for her and she ran away from him. We still keep in touch but she was now in the past. She now lives in the city with her son and she has gone back to school.

Amanda and I reconnected after several years. We met in the market and were very happy to see each other again. I committed adultery with her that day because she was married already, to the pastor of their church. We just couldn’t resist each other. We apologized to each other and promised never to do it again. She was already a mother of two.

I was doing my Masters now and I was in a new relationship with an Igbo girl called Oluchi. My village days were over now and though it was eventful, I can’t deny the fact that it was memorable and taught me some very good lessons in life.


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