She was in my mind for about an hour before I fell asleep. About 7:30 PM next morning, I went to the public tap to fetch water. I was surprised to find her there. She lived in the mission compound and all houses in the mission compound had running water.

However, I was more happy than surprised to see her because I had been wondering how I was going to see her again. I had forgotten to collect her phone number the previous day. I knew where she lived but could not go there to look for her because it would be trouble between me and her parents. She too could not come to look for me because she didn’t know where I lived. The only place I could see her was at the restaurant where they sell food. That would mean waiting for three days. Three days seemed like eternity to me. As I approached the tap, I had been moving carelessly. As soon as I saw her, I arranged my gait and put some ambience to it.

“Good morning” I greeted.
“Good morning. Hope you had a safe night?”
“I did, and you?”
“I am happy to see you again. I was wondering how I was going to see you again.” I told her.
“Don’t you think it is too early for this?” She asked.
“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you.” I apologized. “Can I have your number so we can talk later?”
“Yeah, that’s OK.”
She handed her phone to me and I put my number. After saving it, she rang mine and I saved her too.
“You use Whatsapp I guess?”
“Yes, I do” she answered.

I had finished filling my bucket. I was supposed to carry the bucket on my head, but how could I do that when she was there. I decided to carry it with my hand and left. As soon as I got home, I turned on my data and went straight to Whatsapp. I saw her profile. Her display picture was beautiful and I spent about thirty seconds staring at it. I wrote to her and the first two grey ticks showed. I held my breath as I waited for the ticks to turn blue. Thirty minutes later, they were still grey. She was obviously busy so I put my phone aside and got on with my activities.

An hour later, I went to check my phone and saw a single notification from Whatsapp. I opened it and it was from her. I replied immediately.
“I am glad you replied” I wrote.
“Of course, how are you?”
“Good and you?”
“Cool, just busy but I will be done soon.”
“Ok. Ashia. Is it possible I see you today? I asked.
“When do you want that to be?”
“Evening, by 6 PM”
“That will not be possible. My mum will be around. However, she is doing night shift and might leave by 8:00 PM. You can call me at that time.”
“Ok, sounds good to me. 8:00 PM is fine by me.” I said.
“But what is it that you really want to see me for?” She suddenly asked.
“I will tell you when we meet. I like to watch facial expressions.”
“Let’s do a video call.” She was impatient.
“Please be patient.” I advised. “8:00 PM is not far”
“Alright bye for now. We see at 8 then.”
“Yeah, bye”

I was very impatient and kept looking at my watch. I couldn’t wait for the appointed time to reach. I kept myself busy so as not to be too worried. However, time runs slow when you are anxious. I sat in the living room and fell asleep. I was suddenly woken up by the voice of my mum calling. I checked my watch and it was five minutes past eight o’clock. I checked my phone and there was a notification from Whatsapp. I opened it and there was single message from her.

“She’s left”
“Coming” I replied and left immediately.
Fifteen minutes later, I was in their neighbourhood. I called her to tell her that I was at the back of their house. Five minutes later, she came. We moved away from the compound to a small bush road behind their house. It was a moonlit night so we could easily find our way.

“So here I am. Let me hear what you have to say” she said, her cat-like eyes boring holes into mine in spite of the darkness.
“Well. I am not going to behave like those small boys. I will go straight to the point. I want you.”
“Want me? How do you mean?” She claimed not to understand what I was talking about.
“I want us to be lovers” I revealed.
Her expression suddenly changed. Her cat-like eyes glowed in the dark and I knew immediately that trouble was coming.
“Is that how you guys just fall in love?” She asked angrily. “You meet a girl for a few days and you are already asking her out. You think that is fair?”

I was completely taken aback. When she gave me her number, I had assumed that she was into me. I didn’t know I was wrong.
“I am sorry please. I didn’t mean to upset you.” I tried to calm her.
“But I am upset already, all thanks to you. Please I have to leave now. I never want to see you again.” She said and turned to leave. I grabbed her by the arm but she pushed me and disappeared in the moonlight night. I stood there alone for a while and then went home in shame.

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