They say absence makes the heart fonder. Others say absence is very dangerous in a relationship. I think the latter was true for Annie and I. I was in Buea like I said in the previous chapter and had to stay there for three whole months before seeing her. At long last, December came and it was time for the Christmas break. I couldn’t wait to see My Annie again. I was confident that she was waiting for me and we will continue our adventures. However, fate had decreed otherwise.

I got to the village on the 18thof December. As soon as I got home, I dropped my valise in our living room and ran straight to Annie’s neighbourhood, hoping I will see her. I had been trying to call her when I was on my way but her number didn’t seem to be going through. Well, I got to her neighbourhood alright but couldn’t find her. Of course, I couldn’t go directly to their house. Her mum would have me for lunch if I dared.

I went to a friend of hers who lived in the same neighbourhood as hers and asked her to tell Annie that I was back to the village and would love to have even a glimpse of her. She went to Annie’s house while I waited patiently for them to return. Two minutes later, I saw Amanda, as she was called and my beautiful Annie walking towards me. I ran towards her, hoping that she would be excited to see me again. Her reaction however, was cold and calm. I couldn’t understand why.

“Are you alright, Annie?” I asked.
“I am”
“But you look calm and cold”.
“Yeah, I have been sick. I will be alright”.
“Are you sure?”
I was confused but let it pass. I continued.
“I am happy to see you again, Annie. I really missed you”.
“Me too”.
“Are you sure?” I asked.
“Yes, I am sure and I am happy to see you again”.
“Alright, I have only just returned and I couldn’t wait to see you. I have to go home now and freshen up. I will see you later in the evening, God willing.”
“Ok Luther. We see again at night.”

We hugged again and I left in the direction of my house accompanied by Amanda, Annie’s friend. Annie went back to their house. I was happy seeing her again but things had really changed. My mind was clouded with doubts. Annie was very cold towards me. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed and I felt sad, inwardly. My beautiful Annie was slipping away from me. What could have transpired in my absence?

Amanda realized that I was worried and turned around to face me.
“Luther, are you ok? She asked.
“To be honest, no.” I answered.
“What’s the matter.”
“Annie. She is the matter. Didn’t you see how cold she was to me? What is really wrong? I am not happy at all.”
She laughed, then looked at me and spoke.
“There’s something I want to tell you. However, you have to promise me that you will keep it a secret.”
“Of course, you can trust me” I said. “Is it about Annie?”
“Yeah. She is dating a very rich man and the man is planning to marry her”.
My heart sank.
“Are you sure of what you are talking about?” I asked her in a shaky voice.
“Of course, I am. The man wants to marry her. He brings gifts to her mum everyday and she spends time with him. Sometimes she even sleeps over at his place”.
“When you talk of sleeping over, do you mean like spending a night with him?” I asked.
“That’s exactly what I am talking about. They are lovers now and the relationship is serious. I am telling you the truth.”
“You are lying.” I spoke. “My Annie can never do that, not my own Annie.”
“You are joking. Please wake up from your slumber and go get a life.” Amanda said harshly.

I felt my eyes dimming. My head was spinning and I felt like I was going to collapse. Amanda saw my condition and moved close to support me. All the risks I had taken on her behalf have just been wasted like that. What was I going to do?
Annie continued to speak.
“If you still think I am joking, I entreat you to come to my neighbourhood this evening and you will see things for yourself”. She spoke.
“I will Amanda, I will.”

We were now nearing my home and Amanda excused herself and went back home. However, before she left, she made me promise I would be in their neighbourhood at night so we could catch Annie and her lover red handed. She then gave me a warm peck close to my lips and left.

I went home thinking about everything that had happened that day. I also wondered why Amanda had pecked me. Was she interested in me? I kept thinking to myself. If I catch Annie tonight and we break up. Could Amanda be a possible replacement? She was very beautiful and look like a half caste. She was so fair that you could think one of her parents is white. I had always liked her from the very day I saw her and had been disappointed when after my investigations, I was told she was Annie’s friend.

Anyway, I decided that I will stay calm and wait for the evening to come.



It was evening now. At about 6:45 PM, I got a call from Amanda. She told me to hurry and come to their neighbourhood. She said she had seen a car parked in front of Annie’s house that looked like her man-friend’s own. I quickly put on a black T shirt and a pair of black fitting jeans. I wore a brown moccasin. My intention was to remain inconspicuous while I was in their neighbourhood.

Five minutes later, I was already with Amanda. She was looking beautiful that evening. However, I had important issues to attend to that evening. I would worry about her beauty later. Amanda and I were concealed behind a hedge of flowers in front of the only house opposite Annie’s house while we waited to see what was going to happen. After about ten minutes and I was beginning to be impatient, I saw a middle-aged man left the house. From his goofy well-fed look, he could easily be mistaken for a company director or an oil merchant. He was neither of them. He was a cocoa dealer, extremely rich and famous in these parts.

I was hoping he was going to get into his car and drove off. Instead, he walked past his car and guess what? I saw Annie looking hot and sexy, following him behind. They were surely going somewhere on foot.
“Let’s go after them” Amanda said.
“What’s the point? I already have my evidence. I have seen them together. I have to go home now.”
“No way, you are not going home.” Amanda said. “She is going to refuse everything tomorrow. I am sure they are going to a hotel. Let’s go after them.”

I agreed with her and we trailed them slowly. We gave them about five minutes head start and then started following. They sure had good instincts because more than once, it appeared like they realized someone was after them. But we had kept a good distance between us so they couldn’t really be sure. After about ten minutes, I saw them standing in front of a popular hotel in the village. Amanda and I ducked beside a building and waited for what would happen next. Form our vantage point, we saw the man going into the hotel while Annie waited outside. I decided that the time for caution was over. I left Amanda and ran towards where Annie was standing. I got behind her and tapped her shoulder. She turned around and saw me. It was like she had seen a ghost.

“What are you doing here Annie?” I asked, furiously.
She was too shocked and dumbfounded to speak.
“Answer me!!!!!” I shouted.
“I, I, I am sorry Luther.” She stammered. “Please just go home and I promise we will talk about this later.”
“You are stark, raving mad, Annie.” I shouted then burst into laughter. “Let me get this straight. You are asking me to go and leave you in a hotel with another man? How about all what we have been through? It doesn’t mean anything to you?”
“Luther, I love you. I really do but this is something I can’t help. This man is going to change my life and that of my family. Can’t you see?” She tried to make me see reason. I refused to comply.
“Now, let me tell you. You have two options. One, you follow me and we go home quietly and peacefully. Two, I carry you on my shoulders and we go home noisily and not peacefully. You know you don’t even weigh too much. It will be easy to carry you.” I threatened.
“Luther, please stop the drama.” She spoke. “I hope you don’t want to run into trouble with Mama Annie, my mum.”
“Tell her I said she can go to hell.”
“Tell her to hug a transformer.”
“You are just being naughty.” She said and tried to leave.

I pulled her back and then I completely lost it. I gave her a slap that made her see stars. She fell on the ground. She tried to get up and I gave her another slap and then finished it with a hard kick. She burst into tears and started crying. The sound of her cries brought the man out of the hotel.

“What is going on here?” He asked in his rich accent.
“What are you doing with my girlfriend in a hotel?” I asked him, boldly.
He looked amused at my guts. He found my effrontery funny.

“Young man, go home. I was once like you. Beautiful women are for people who can take care of them. Not you. You have nothing.” He seemed to be enjoying himself. “Ok take this.” He removed some money that totaled about thirty thousand and gave to me. I refused to take the money and turned my attention back to Annie.
“Let’s go home baby.” I almost begged.
She ignored me completely
“Annie, why are you doing this to me? How about our love? How about our promises?” I was almost in tears. Annie made sure she avoided eye contact with me. Soon, the man held her hand and they moved into the hotel as I called her name to no avail.

I stood outside the hotel and thought of a thousand things. I was imagining him on my delicate Annie or worse still, Annie riding him. I could almost hear my Annie’s groans and moans under his fat stomach. I stood there day dreaming, then I felt a hand around my waist and came out of my reverie. It was Amanda.

“Let’s go home, boy. Your name is Martin Luther, remember? You shall overcome. Let’s go. I refused to go and finally had to be half-dragged by Amanda. I cursed the day I met Annie, I cursed her mother double and I cursed poverty triple. Amanda could not stand my mood and she excused herself and left for home.

I laid on my bed and decided that the best revenge I could give to Annie was to date her friend, Amanda. When I made that decision, I felt a bit relieved. I got my phone and dialed her number. She picked.
“Hello Luther. Still up?”
“Yeah. Can you come back to see me? I am dying.”
“Ok, right away. How about your mum? She is sleeping already?” She enquired.
“No, she went to the neighbouring village this afternoon. She won’t be back until tomorrow. She took my troublesome younger sister with her.”
“Ok, I am on my way. Can I stay the night if you won’t mind?” She ventured to ask.
“Yes, you can.” I answered quickly.
“On my way.”
“Thanks already.”




About ten minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I went out to see who was knocking though I already guessed it was Amanda. I was happy to see her. I asked her to come in and we moved straight to my bedroom. She sat on the bed and I sat on a small sofa close to my wardrobe. Her outfit was very eye-catching. She was wearing a super mini skirt and a sleeveless top.

“I hope you feel better now.” She asked.
“With you around, I can’t say no.” I answered. “But it hurts, Amanda. It really hurts to know that as we sit here now, someone is sleeping with my girlfriend.”
“That’s life.” She said and shrugged her shoulders. “You obviously had put too much trust and faith in Annie. Do you really know her?”
“Well, we have been together for some months, though I have not been steady in the village because of my degree program at the university. But I could vouch for her, until today of course.” I narrated.
“Do you know she’s a baby mama?” Amanda asked.
“She is?” I asked in disbelief. My eyeballs almost popping out.
“Yes, she has a two years old son.”
“But she didn’t tell me and she doesn’t look like someone who has put to bed.” I was still shocked.
“Well, some women are lucky. Their bodies don’t change much when they have had a child. I guess she is one of them.” Amanda said.
“Wow!!” I exclaimed. “Anyway, thanks for letting me know about her. Not that there is any problem with her having a child. It’s a good thing. But to hide it from me, I still can’t explain or understand why.”
“Annie is very secretive. You might not have noticed that character of hers. Anyway, I feel hot can I use your bath?” Amanda asked?
“Are you serious? We don’t have running water here. What do you want to do?” I asked.
“Freshen up. I am feeling quite sticky. I really wished we had electricity in this village. I miss my fan in the city.” She spoke.
“Alright, in that case, I will get you a bucket of water and you will use if it’s ok by you.” I proposed.
“Alright, please do.”

I went to the kitchen and got a fifty-litter container which had water in it. I poured some water into a plastic bucket and took it to the bathroom. She went inside and all I could hear was the sound of water splashing, indicative of someone bathing.

It had been about ten minutes now and suddenly; Annie came back to the room. You won’t believe how she was dressed. Well, she had her dresses in her hand and she was having nothing on. It was what I had been hoping for. I got up from my bed and met her at the door. I pulled her slowly to the bad and laid her there. The room was lit by a single candle light and the flame of the candle made her shadow dance on the wall.

“Luther, please make love to me.”
“You are Annie’s friend, remember?” I asked, though I badly wanted her.
“She’s with another man now. Forget about her, please. I do love you; I have always loved you.” She cooed. Her eyes were smoky.

I hesitated a little then moved towards her. Remember Amanda looked like a half caste. Her body was very white and her nipples were so pink. I pulled down my shorts and got on her. We began with a kiss. We kissed passionately for about ten minutes. Damn! It was so hot and I was so hard that she noticed.

“Do you have protection?” She asked.
“I do.”
“Go get it”

I went to my cupboard wardrobe and removed a single condom, fitted it nicely and went back to meet her on the bed. Her legs were widely spread as she waited for me to enter. She gasped when I did. I started the movement as she moved her body to match the rhythm. You know we were using a candle light and as a result we started sweating. However, we didn’t care about the sweat. It had been about twenty minutes now and she was on top of me doing cowgirl first and then reverse cow girl. She was really good in the act and for a brief moment, the thought of Annie and what she could be doing at the hotel completely escaped my memory.

She started hitting harder now and I suspected she was reaching climax. I increased the gear too and we both exploded at the same time. We lay there, panting, drenched in sweat, looking at each other and feeling each other’s heartbeats.

I got up and went to the bath. She followed me a minute later and we bathed together. After we had bathed, we got back to my bedroom and laid on the bed. We were now back to our senses and Amanda was the first to speak.
“I am sorry Martin Luther.” She said.
“About what?”
“For taking advantage of you. I knew you were vulnerable because you are heartbroken. I shouldn’t have led you on.”
“It’s ok Amanda. What has happened has happened. We are adults and we should be prepared to take responsibility for our actions.” I said and pulled her close to me. Soon we were fast sleep.

It was morning now and we were still fast asleep. I didn’t figure my mum would return so early. I was rudely woken up from my sweet cuddling by my younger sister knocking on my door. Amanda shook and woke up.

“Luther, open the door. Mum says you should come.” My younger sister called. She was just six years old.
“My friend, leave that place before I come there and pounce on you.” I threatened.
“I am not going anywhere. Mum is calling for you.” I got up from bed. Under normal circumstances, I would have opened the door and chase her away. But today, I couldn’t do that. Amanda was here. I had to look for a means to sneak her away. If my younger sister sees her, I am doomed. She will be too happy to tell mum.
“Alright go tell mum I am coming, please sweetheart. My own baby, please.” I tried to sweettalk her. It seemed to have worked and I heard her tiny footsteps leaving.

“Please don’t leave this room until I get back.” I told Amanda and then I went out the door. When I got to the living room, I didn’t meet my mum. I heard her voice outside instead. She was talking to a neighbour in front of the house. I came back to the room, asked Amanda to dress up and hurriedly, I sneaked her through the back door and out of the house.

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