Hilda Baci is provided with free health insurance by AXA Mansard Health.


The largest health management organization (HMO) in Nigeria, AXA Mansard Health, has offered Hilda Baci, a 27-year-old Nigerian chef who is attempting to break the world record for the longest cooking time, a year of free gold health insurance.

The business claimed that its intention with the gesture was to uplift the 27-year-old's spirits and give her the courage to see the task through to completion, despite any tiredness that might have resulted from the long hours of cooking she put in.

The business wrote to Baci, "AXA Mansard Health firmly supports you." We are aware that progress may be made when you feel safe. As a result, we are providing you with a Gold Health Insurance for a year. We hope that this will help you become even more motivated to break this global record for you, the millions of women you inspire every day, and our beloved nation.

AXA Mansard Health is a subsidiary of AXA Mansard Insurance Plc, a leading insurance and asset management group in Nigeria. AXA Mansard Health specializes in providing health insurance and related services to individuals, families, and corporate clients.

As a health insurance provider, AXA Mansard Health offers a range of health plans that cover various medical expenses such as hospitalization, consultations, medications, laboratory tests, and surgeries. They have different plans designed to meet the specific needs and budgets of individuals and organizations.

AXA Mansard Health focuses on delivering quality healthcare services to its customers by partnering with a network of hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers across Nigeria. This network ensures that policyholders have access to a wide range of healthcare facilities and medical professionals.

In addition to health insurance, AXA Mansard Health also provides wellness programs and initiatives aimed at promoting healthy living and preventive care. These programs may include health screenings, health education, and lifestyle management services.

It's important to note that as an AI, my information is based on data available up until September 2021, and there may have been more recent developments or changes regarding AXA Mansard Health. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it is best to visit their official website or contact them directly.

Hilda Effiong Bassey, better known by her stage name Hilda Baci, was born in Nigeria on September 20, 1995. She is a chef, restaurateur, actor, and the current holder of the marathon cooking Guinness World Record. She triumphed in the "Jollof Faceoff" contest in August 2021.

Birth and early career

Hilda is a native of the Nigerian Akwa Ibom region's Nsit Ubium Local Government Area.On September 20, 1995, she was born From Madonna University in Okija, she earned a sociology degree.She served as the host of "Dine on A Budget" on Pop Central TV, Dstv channel 189.

Hilda's heart has always danced to the beat of delectable foods, even since she was a young girl. She started a journey of culinary study because of her insatiable desire to learn and was inspired by her mother, a culinary expert.

in her own way, a master. She helped her develop her culinary skills, and the caring warmth of the kitchen gave her a certain flair that made her stand out.

Despite having a strong interest for cooking, Hilda decided to pursue a sociology degree at Madonna University because she valued a well-rounded education. She set out on a fantastic adventure with her inquisitive mind and quest for information, grasping the depths of human society and culture and deepening her comprehension of the surroundings.


As Mutuelle de L'Assurance contra L'Incendie (the Ancienne Mutuelle), the business was established in 1816.[5] It changed its name to Mutuelles Unies in 1978 after acquiring Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie.[6] The Hottinguer family-owned Drouot Group and Mutuelles Unies combined in 1982 to form Mutuelles Unies/Drouot

In 1985, the company changed its name to Axa. Axa purchased Union des Assurances De Paris (UAP), the largest insurer in France, in 1996 and transformed into Axa-UAP. Axa acquired The Equitable in 1991. In 1999, the name was changed back to Axa.Axa purchased Guardian Royal Exchange in February 1999.In May 2000, it purchased all of the Sun Life & Provincial Holdings shares that it did not already possess. Winterthur Group was purchased by Axa from Credit Suisse on June 14th, 2006, for almost €9 billion. As of When it came to corporate control over the stability of the world's financial system in 2011, Axa was the second-most potent transnational business.

The company declared in May 2016 that it will stop purchasing tobacco-related shares and bonds and let its portfolio of bonds mature.On September 12, 2018, Axa paid $15.3 billion to acquire Bermuda-based XL Group Ltd, a property and casualty commercial lines insurer and reinsurer.Axa Bank Belgium was sold by the business to Crelan in October 2019 for €620 million ($688.51 million)

the name Axa

"AXA" is not an acronym, despite the firm writing it in all capital letters. It was picked since anyone, regardless of language, can say its name with ease. Following the 1982 acquisition of the Drouot Group, chairman and CEO For the purpose of conducting a computer-aided search for a new name, Claude Bébéar contacted an outside consultant. Because the group wanted to have an international presence, Bébéar sought a name that was short and catchy, conveyed energy, and could be pronouced consistently across languages. The best option at first was "Elan," but Canadian executives objected because "elan" is the French word for an elk or moose. Bébéar decided on the name Axa in 1985.

Global sites for the Axa Group

Activities United Kingdom

Axa is a financial services company having businesses in the UK under the name Axa UK, including Axa Insurance, Axa Wealth, and Axa Health. The international health insurance division of AXA PPP healthcare previously operated under the trading name AXA PPP International. On January 1, 2017, this division changed its name to AXA - Global Healthcare. 

. The business acquired the fund manager Architas and the infamous online insurer Swiftcover, whose contentious Iggy Pop TV ad campaign was later outlawed. Axa was reorganized in January 2007 into "strategic business units" with the intention of competing in their specialized markets.

The FCA fined Axa Wealth £1.8 million in September 2013 for failing to guarantee that it provided appropriate financial advice to its clients. The regulator claims to have discovered "serious defects" in the way Axa advisers provided investment advice to clients at Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank, and the West Bromwich Building Society

They signed on as Liverpool F.C.'s "Official Global Insurance" partner in 2018 and started sponsoring the team's practice uniforms in 2019. The cooperation was further solidified in 2020.

Health Axa

In the UK, AXA Health offers private health insurance; up until 2020, it was known as AXA PPP Healthcare Prior to that, it was known as the London Association for Hospital Services, which was founded in 1938 as a private healthcare program for Londoners of middle income.With help from the British Medical Association, the King's Fund, and the medical royal colleges, it was incorporated in 1940.

For £435 million, Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance purchased it in 1998. A year later, Sun Life & Provincial Holdings, an Axa subsidiary, acquired it.

Global Healthcare at Axa

Previous names for Axa - Global Healthcare include Axa PPP International, Axa Global Protect, and Axa Healthcare Management. Axa Global Healthcare, a subsidiary, became an independent Managing General Agent in 2017, selling and managing products of foreign health insurance. Axa - Global Healthcare serves people who require health insurance all around the world, whereas Axa Health offers insurance throughout the UK.

For its customers with outpatient coverage, Axa - Global Healthcare introduced a Virtual Doctor service in 2018, and by 2020, it was available for all plans. Targeting expats, Teladoc Health offers 24/7 access to medical advice by phone or video from doctors situated all over the world who speak more than 15 different languages.

Axa Ireland In 1999, when it acquired Guardian Royal Exchange, a British company that had previously acquired PMPA, Axa developed a foothold in Ireland.Private Motorists Protection Association, or PMPA, was one of Ireland's largest insurance providers at the time. Third-largest general insurer, it in Ireland's Republic.


In Quebec, Ontario, Western Canada, and Atlantic Canada, Axa Canada promoted insurance. It employed about 2300 people overall, including 4000 brokers and advisors, in 2009. Montreal, Quebec, served as the headquarters. For C$2.6 billion, Intact Financial Corp. purchased it in 2011.

the United States

Axa Financial, Inc., the American division of Axa, is best known through its subsidiaries, which include Axa Advisors, Axa Network, MONY (formerly known as Mutual of New York), US Financial Life, and AllianceBernstein. The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York (MONY) was acquired in 2004; The Equitable was acquired in 1991.

The largest independent broker-dealer in the nation, LPL (Linsco Private Ledger), and Axa Advisors came into agreements on December 15th, 2006. LPL committed to offering fully disclosed brokerage, clearing, and custody services. The agreements' five-year tenure are susceptible to further 24-month extensions. the start of services in August 2007.

Delaware is where Axa's US operations are incorporated.

In an IPO in 2018, Axa spun out the majority of its US operations. Equitable Holdings was the end consequence.

Gulf of Mexico and the Middle East

Axa Insurance (Gulf) B.S.C. is present in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations.

Axa has been operating in the area for more than 60 years and is the biggest insurer in the GCC, with locations in Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. Axa is known as Axa Cooperative Insurance in Saudi Arabia. It provides health, auto, home, and other insurance for people and corporations.

Products include travel, personal and group accidents, fire, engineering, life, and a number of other things.

Axa Middle East is present in Lebanon. To begin operations in the Middle East, the Axa Group purchased 51% of SLF's capital in 2000, while Nasnas & Hanemoglou's Group purchased the remaining 49%.

Additionally, Axa began conducting business in Egypt in 2015

In the Middle East, it changed its name to GIG, nevertheless.[Reference needed]


Axa purchased ING Insurance Mexico in July 2008, thereby taking over ING's services. Axa then filed a lawsuit against a division of ING Group, alleging that the $1.5 billion deal had been misrepresented and that it had been injured for "tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars in damages."


The Axa Group acquired a 51% controlling stake in the company in 1995. At the time, it was stated that the National Mutual Life Association of Australia, an Australian life insurer, contributed around 15% of the Axa Group's global insurance-premium income.[46] The purchase of Axa Asia Pacific by [AMP Limited] and [Axa SA] in 2011 brought Australian operations under the AMP name.


Axa announced a partnership with Chaucer Holdings, a Lloyd's of London insurer, in April 2016 to enter the expanding African specialty insurance market. Through Chaucer Syndicate 1084 and Axa Africa Specialty Risks 6130, two of its coverholders, Axa Africa Specialty Risks aids in risk mitigation. Specialty and corporate lines are the main areas of focus for Axa ASR, which has coverage and physical presence all over Africa. Excellent international financial strength ratings for Axa and Lloyd's (AA- by Fitch and Standard & Poor's rated it A+. Political Risk, Political Violence and Terrorism, Energy, Construction, Property, Liability, Marine and Aviation are only a few of the business categories. Axa has acquired many other insurers since 2014 in an effort to grow. Currently, Axa is active in Algeria, Cameroon, Egypt, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast. Axa Africa also contributes to trade between several African nations and Asia

Kamet Enterprises

With an initial commitment of €100 million, Axa founded Kamet Ventures in January 2016 with the goal of fostering disruptive companies in the insurance, healthcare, and aid sectors. Anorak Technologies, a platform for senior care, and an insurance advising platform are a few of Kamet's investments. Birdie

Investment Managers at Axa

Axa Investment Managers, principal

Investment Managers at Axa (Axa IM) is a multinational investment management company with locations in 22 different countries. On behalf of institutional and retail clients, it manages roughly €858 billion in assets as of December 31, 2020. It serves as Axa's investment division.

Hong Kong & Macau AXA

MLC (Hong Kong) Limited was purchased by AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited in 2006, and the company was renamed AXA (Hong Kong) Life Insurance Company Limited

But Hilda Baci continued to be drawn to the culinary world, and this pull helped her find her true destiny. She combined her academic interests with her desire to become a chef, turning her passion for cooking into a vivid job that captivates both palates and hearts.

Hilda Baci exemplifies the harmonic blending of her Nigerian roots and the culinary skills, demonstrating the combination of passion and dedication. She continues to inspire, amuse, and improve the culinary scene with her culinary expertise, making a lasting impression on those who are fortunate enough to enjoy her creations.

Attempt at a Guinness World Record

Hilda said in March 2023 that she would try to break the record for the longest cooking marathon. Lata Tondon previously held the record with her 87-hour, 45-minute cooking marathon in 2019.

She began her "Cook-a-thon" record attempt on May 11, 2023.On May 15, she set a new record.

Hilda set a new record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual on Monday, May 15, 2023, at precisely 7:45 a.m. She did this by surpassing the previous record holder from 2019 by 87 hours, 50 minutes, and five minutes

Hilda had originally planned to cook for 96 hours, but she then increased her goal to a 100-hour cooking marathon in order to break the record for the longest cooking marathon.

notable Nigerians who Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the governor of Lagos State, Bolaji Idowu, the lead pastor of Harvester International, Tiwa Savage, Tim Godfrey, and Ice Prince are among those who have visited Hilda.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo, the Vice President of Nigeria, also called to encourage Hilda during the cookathon. Nigerians flocked to the cookathon location in large numbers to support Hilda, and her name continued to trend on social media.

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