I always remind myself that there are people to whom I owe money, says Peter Okoye


Peter Okoye, a well-known Nigerian musician and member of the P-Square group, has acknowledged that he owes some individuals in his life.

The seasoned performer said he owed gratitude to all who helped, prayed for, and showed him kindness.

On Monday, Okoye made this declaration via his Twitter account.

The singer also listed those who supported him, heard him in his silence, and gave him preference among those to whom he is due.

He stated that he wouldn't let the widely held belief that he was nobody affect his thinking.

"Every day I remind myself that there are some people I owe," he wrote.

individuals that have been kind to me, assisted me, and even prayed for me. I won't ever fall for the media's misconception that I don't owe anyone anything. I owe these people a lot.

If We Had Not Split, Other Singers Would Not Have Dominate Afrobeats
Paul and Peter Okoye have meanwhile asserted that their 2016 separation opened the door for well-known Nigerian musicians like Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, and others to rule the afrobeats music landscape.

The singers claim that from over 14 years until their separation in 2016, they ruled the Nigerian and African music scenes, paving the path for other Nigerian singers to succeed.

Peter responded to reports that afrobeats gained popularity abroad while they were away by asking, "Says who? Never did they say that.

Let me tell you something, I've been hearing that, Paul continued. Even if they phrase it that way, it still suggests that God somehow has his own agenda.

"Those individuals [dominant music stars] would never have had light if we had been there [together in the music industry]. Also keep in mind that we have long dominated the [Nigerian] music scene. We kept it in place for over 13,14 years.

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