Compared to what Busquets would receive at Inter Miami, Messi will make 50 million dollars

Miami would be home to many people who would make a lot of money, not only Messi.

There's no denying that the MLS league has drawn a lot of attention lately due to rumors that Argentine attacking midfielder Leonel Messi may join the Inter Miami team getting louder and louder, and for this very reason many sports fans in general have turned to look at the United States.

But that's not all; there have also been numerous instances where players from the top European leagues have turned to the American league in order to retire, and the anticipation for seeing the best footballers on the planet play in Miami is much greater.

And one of the players who has been in the spotlight the longest is the case of the Spanish defensive midfielder Sergio Busquets, who recently announced that he would no longer be in the Barcelona team because he is already too old to handle the level of intensity of the game that you have in his home country.

Everyone aspires to be among the best players who have played for one of the greatest teams in history, like Barcelona in 2011. Messi would undoubtedly earn at least $50 million annually if he played for the Miami Heat, but this would be the pay of the Spaniard who won the World Cup more than 13 years ago.

What Sergio Busquets might earn
And while it is true that he no longer makes money in Barcelona, that does not mean that he calls me and does not give him enough chances to win a good number of tickets, so it can be said that while they might not make as much money as the Argentine who just recently won the world championship, they would still have a lot more than most of the average players on the Miami team.

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