NEWS: Buhari Requests President Tinubu To Stop Questioning Emefiele And Others? Actuality emerged

Former President Muhammadu Buhari denied telling President Tinubu not to investigate some members of his government, according to a report.
Former ex-President's spokeswoman Garba Shehu declared that the report was entirely false and that it should be ignored.
Shehu revealed that Buhari left Nigeria for his private residence in London because he was unable to get enough rest due to guests.

Abuja, FCT - According to a report, former president Muhammadu Buhari requested that President Bola Tinubu refrain from looking into former members of his cabinet, including suspended Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor Godwin Emefiele.

In a tweet on Thursday, Garba Shehu, the former spokesperson for the former President, refuted the claim that Buhari instructed President Tinubu to stop the

Buhari and Tinubu had a private meeting in London.

During the President's personal journey to the UK on Monday, June 26, it is said that President Tinubu and his successor, Buhari, met in private in London.

Shehu also said that there was no third party present at the closed-door meeting between President Tinubu and the recently-elected president.

Afterward, he insisted that no one could have accurately described what happened between former President Buhari and his successor, President Tinubu.

Garba Shehu on why Buhari left Nigeria.
The former spokesperson continued by saying that Buhari left for London from Nigeria as a result of frequent courtesies paid to his home in Daura, Katsina State.

Shehu claimed that Buhari intended to abstain.

To give his brain a break, he tried to avoid national concerns and politics in general at home in his county, but guests kept showing up, so he was forced to travel to the UK from Nigeria.

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