Osun pilgrims protesting the poor eating circumstances during the 2023 Hajj

Pilgrims from Osun State protested what they called subpar eating conditions in the holy land during the 2023 Hajj in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

According to video clips  was able to collect, pilgrims were heard grumbling about the food that was served to them.

Under the condition of anonymity, a few of the pilgrims admitted that their food allotment had not been enough for them for a few days.

"They've been giving us two eggs and four slices of bread for the previous four days. But now that the officials and board members are being served with special meals, we are unable to continue.

"However, they are being taken care of thanks to the money we spent. We are protesting because of this, one of them stated.

Additionally, according to information obtained, during the demonstration, pilgrims threw their leftovers against the door of the Amir-ul-Hajj, Alhaji Maruf Isola, whose rooms are located at the Makkah hotel where they are staying.

The Osun State Muslim Welfare Board, however, has refuted the claims that the state's pilgrims were malnourished while visiting the holy place.

On behalf of the Amir-ul-Hajj, Moruf Ishola, the Administrative Secretary of the Board, Bolaji Sanni, announced this on Sunday.

Ishola stated that the Board is always prepared to make sure that Osun State pilgrims continue to live their best lives while doing this year's hajj.

He also dismissed as completely untrue and unfounded the rumor that the Board had made substandard feeding arrangements for pilgrims in Saudi Arabia.

The Board claimed that the rumor was entirely false and had been spread by fifth columnists in an effort to damage its good name and that of Senator Ademola Adeleke's administration, which had already made all required preparations for this year's hajj.

We recall with satisfaction how the Osun State Pilgrims Welfare Board efficiently facilitated the Osun pilgrims' travel from Nigeria to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the statement said, adding that the public should completely discount the rumor that the feeding arrangements were subpar.

"The reported bad food allegedly supplied to the pilgrims was a political prank deliberately created by fifth columnists to maliciously discredit and tarnish the good name of the Board.

The board "will stop at nothing to rectify such false impressions implanted in the minds of the uninformed people.

The pilgrims are all doing well and in high spirits in the holy country as they anticipate conducting some of the final hajj ceremonies without any issues very soon, the imam continued.

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