Removal of Subsidies: Shoe Makers Say Profits Are Growing As Trekking Increases

Due to the high cost of fuel, which has forced fuel prices to increase as high as N600 per liter in some locations, people are choosing to walk long distances or take public transportation instead of driving or riding motorcycles.

In an interview, Malam Mohammad Auwal, a shoe repairman in Kano, claimed that the lengthy queues of people wanting to have their shoes repaired has considerably increased their business.

The surge in demand for their services is directly correlated with the rise in people choosing to walk longer distances as a result of the high petrol prices.

More people who hike eventually wear out their shoes, which prompts them to contact shoe repairmen like Malam Mohammad Auwal for assistance.

Due to the removal of gasoline subsidies, many people have opted for alternative forms of transportation to deal with the rising cost of fuel. Unintentionally, this change in behavior has boosted the Kano shoe repair industry.

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