According to its title, the film series SELINA TESTED may be one of the most divisive films, yet it has a fantastic story, subject matter, and theme. If you disagree, then you must explain what you know that the general public is unaware of. The language featured in the film is the Lingua Franca of the Portharcourt/Ikwere region of Nigeria.

Edidiong Ita will undoubtedly support anything admirable and constructive, especially initiatives that combat societal vices. Those who see SELINA TESTED will never consider joining a cult after learning about its risks and drawbacks. In actuality, one factor influencing Aye Otto (Aboy) and his team's Tour-related mobility
Streaming services and social media are unquestionably the major engines of Nollywood. Due to their accessibility via social media and streaming services, Nigerian movies and TV shows have established themselves as important cultural icons in the international cinema industry.

This was different decades before, when just a small number of Nigerian films were accepted into major film festivals. However, the films from this nation are now well-known globally thanks to their success.

The TV program "Selina Tested" is one of these movies that has benefited from the accessibility of streaming platforms and social media.

The drama series, which is made by Lightweight Entertainment, centers on the lives of two men named Chiboy and Aboy. The program examines several social vices. Using the Pidgin language

The cast also includes DJ Key, Drela Onyema, Gwill, Michael Abba, Sibi Steve, and Gabriella Ogbonnaya.

The drama series has remained at the top of YouTube Nigeria's popular list for the past few months.

Since its debut, the Port Harcourt-based production has gathered a sizable and devoted fan base. The show has won over many spectators with its clever pidgin phrases, including "Your face show, your shoeshine." Additionally, because it depicts their daily lives on the streets of major centers or in rural areas, many of its viewers may relate to it.

The first episode, which debuted in April 2021, has already received 1.4 million YouTube views. With 2.6M views, Episode 20, which debuted in January, broke the previous record. YouTube views for episodes 19 and 21 totaled 2.5 and 2.9 million, respectively.

What inspired Selina Test to watch the "IT" series?

Selina Tested has gained a following since it began airing in addition to on YouTube (where it has more than 300 subscribers). Additionally, the TV show's Instagram profile has more than 21,000 followers.

We believe that Nigerians adore the show for the following reasons.

Slang: Nigerians are known to become infatuated with movies that use a lot of locally relevant slang. Nigerians adore the ease with which the lingo is incorporated into discussions. Take, for instance, the TV show's name.

Pidgin English: By choosing to have all of the characters' dialogues in pidgin, Selina Tested stands apart in a field where speaking English is the standard.

The depiction of street life: In contrast to most Nigerian television programs, which concentrate on middle-class and class love by affluent and cultured people, Selina Tested represents what occurs on the street and offers viewers a window into a new world.

Realism: Judging from other Twitter comments, it seems like every episode has viewers empathizing with the characters, giving the fictional drama series a sense of realism.

Cinematography: Despite the fact that Selina Test's production business is quite small, they do a good job with the special effects, camera movements, and other visual aspects of the film.

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Selina Tested's full bio, filmography, and estimated net worth are available here.

Summary of Contents

You may read the complete biography of A BOY Selina Tested Movie in this article. His real name, origin, and net worth from his acting career.

Aboy of Selina Tested (Aye Otto) Aboy's whole bio, including his age and net worth
You may read the complete biography of A BOY Selina Tested Movie in this article. His real name, origin, and net worth from his acting career.

The complete life story of Selina Tested (Aye Otto) Aboy Aye Otto is a light-weight actor who enjoys relaxation. He fulfilled Selina's role of Aboy.

Selina Tested says that Aboy is a highly strong character in the movie. He is without a doubt one of the most significant characters in the movie, and he performed his role perfectly from Episode 1 to the most recent Episode, giving a lot of energy, swag, and vibes to the movie.

Aboy is capable of acting in Nollywood. He attended the Captain Elechi Amadi Polytechnic in Nigeria's Port Harcourt. He is a Port Harcourt resident.

Boy's Age

Although we have yet to confirm his exact age, we surmised that he is in his 20s. He is younger, more alive, and dynamic.

Selina Tested Aboy

He started out with the Ebonyi Angels. He transferred to Enyimba International F.C. in early 2008 after spending a year with Kwara, then in June 2008 he made his way back to Lobi. Gwar re-signed with Kwara United in 2009 following a good campaign with Lobi during which he took home the NFA Golden Boot.

In the league with Kwara United FC, he scored nine goals. Gwar was included in a list of players Argentine football coach Rodolfo Zapata, the former head coach of Sunshine Stars FC, believes should be the foundation of the future Nigerian national side, in June 2010. The following adjectives were used to characterize Sibi: "Speedy attacker, quick with the ball, eye for goals, good finisher, and dangerous in the goal box." 

In the spring of 2011, he signed with Niger Tornadoes.

, and on May 11th he scored the game-winning goal in a 2-1 victory over his previous Kwara United squad. In his first three games with the Tornadoes, he scored six goals.

After netting a brace against his old team Kwara United and increasing his goal total to 12, Sibi Gwar became the top scorer in the Nigerian Premier League in June 2012. 

In May 2012, Sibi was selected the Nigerian League Player of the Week. In June 2012, he was once more selected the league's Star of the Week  and was also named player of the year.

He agreed to a one-year contract with Enyimba in November 2012. Sibi Gwar joined Shooting Stars on August 2, 2015.

SC[9] On the final day of the transfer window, he signed for Nasarawa United in Nigeria after leaving Shooting to play for Victoria Hotspurs F.C. in Malta. During the Nigeria Premier League seasons of 2008 and 2012, Gwar won the NFF Golden Boot twice.


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