Shehu Sani responds to IGP's announcement that all police officers will be removed from VIP

Shehu Sani, a former congressman from Kaduna Central, responded to the Inspector General of Police's (IGP) vow to implement the removal of Police Mobile Force soldiers from VIP escort/guard duty.

Recall that the decision had to be made in order to ensure that there would be sufficient security officers to battle crime in the nation, according to the acting IGP.

We will remove PMF members from VIP escort/guard duty, he declared. While protecting dignitaries is our first priority, it is crucial that we refocus on the growing security threats the country is currently facing. We may divert the PMF's attention and efforts toward tackling crucial security issues that influence our operations by relieving them of VIP escort and guard tasks.

The withdrawn PMF officers will only be replaced where necessary by officers of the Special Protection Unit in order to fulfill the aforementioned strategic strategy and make necessary manpower available for frontline duties.

In response to the IGP's submission, Sani tweeted that all new IGPs promise to remove police officers from VIPs but frequently break their word.

He, however, hoped that a different result would result from this.

He stated, "All new IGs of Police do these two things: Withdraw police officers from VIPs and remove checkpoints; months later, the police return to VIPs and the checkpoints reappear as well.I'm hoping that this one will be unique.

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