Vinicius decided to leave Real Madrid after Mbappé's potential signing

Vinicius would make this choice following Real Madrid's potential Mbappé acquisition.

It is undeniable that the global transfer market for football has developed at an incredibly fast rate in recent years, and many players who have long been members of a club have chosen to move to another nation in order to play the game.

It's not by chance that some highly intriguing transfers have taken place, like that of Mateo Kovacic, a Croatian attacking midfielder who moved from Chelsea to Manchester City, or that of Ilkay Gundogan, a defensive midfielder from Manchester City who would be joining Barcelona.

But the potential of one of the greatest transfers of the millennium—the French center striker of Paris Saint-Germain, Kylian Mbappé—to the Real Madrid squad has captured the attention of the majority of fans worldwide.

The Brazilian Vinicius Jr. is without a doubt one of the players in the Spanish squad who can be identified as their key figure, so in that case, this decision would have been decided before Mbappé comes. However, it would present an issue for the Spanish locker room.

Vinicius' choice

And that would be to continue playing for the team he most adores, as the Brazilian player has frequently declared. In fact, according to Diario Marca, the player wants to stay in the squad not only because it is his home and where he feels most at home, but also because he wants to continue serving as the club's main representative.

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