Impossible' Nasser Al-Khelaifi asserts that Kylian Mbappe left PSG for nothing

Mbappe has made it clear that he will not exercise his option to extend his contract, therefore he is expected to become a free agency in the summer of 2019.

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the chairman of PSG, has asserted that Mbappe's star player leaving for nothing is "impossible" and that time is running out for him to decide whether to stay or go.

At the introduction of the new manager Luis Enrique, Al-Khelaifi said, "We want him to stay but he can't leave for free."

He had spoken about it in an interview and there had been a verbal agreement. And when I found out that he had chosen to depart for free, I was truly startled. Mbappe is a terrific young guy and a true gentleman, therefore it's terrible that he would undermine the biggest club in France by leaving for free. I was astonished and disappointed to hear the news.

Mbappe, who was recently seen partying in the Hamptons with Tom Brady, is attempting to make the long-awaited switch to Real Madrid, but both he and the Spanish team would naturally prefer for him to leave Paris Saint-Germain on free agency.

Should he maintain his composure and refuse to sign a contract extension, he runs the prospect of PSG selling out this summer to the player and Real at the highest price.

Al-Khelaifi stated, "It's for him to decide for himself next week, or at most in the next two weeks."

And the door is open if he chooses not to sign a new deal.

"For him and everyone else, it works like that." Nobody, not a player, not even me, is bigger than the club. It's crystal clear.

By football standards, you almost never see your best player depart on the cheap. Simply put, it never occurs.

"It's impossible, but we don't want to let the best player in the world play for free." He has already stated that he does not want to leave PSG for free, a French club, because it is his city.

It's not my fault if today someone persuaded him to change his opinion.

The subject left new manager Enrique in the uncomfortable position of being questioned about how he might persuade or appease the star who is considering leaving, but he stressed that no decision has been made in this regard.

"When I signed, we always remain open," stated Enrique. Numerous things are possible.

"I'll keep it private because it's business-related secrecy." I can't disclose specifics, but we'll work to put together PSG's strongest team.

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