The current governor of Kano refused to shake hands with the current emir, which caused a serious problem (VIDEO)

Unexpectedly, a video from Kano, Nigeria, showing a tense exchange between the current governor and the emir of Kano has surfaced.
Concerns regarding the state of their relationship and its ramifications for the area have been widely expressed in response to the occurrence.

The Governor is shown in the video, which has gone viral on social media, clearly refusing to shake hands with the Emir at a public function. Many people have been confused and concerned about the underlying issues between the two renowned persons as a result of the gesture, which is thought to be a usual display of respect.

Some have taken their refusal to shake hands as a symptom of a growing rift between the Governor and the Emir. Speculations regarding the source of this

Discussions among Kano residents and others have been sparked by theories regarding the underlying source of this seeming discord. Many are left to speculate as to whether the Governor's choice was motivated by political, cultural, or personal factors.

Watch the following video:

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