All boyfriends in Lagos receive a message from Asisat Oshoala (Video)

Football player Asisat Lamina Oshoala from Nigeria, who is currently with FC Barcelona, recently posted a message on social media.

She hilariously contrasted how she eats her ice cream to how unidentified people in Lagos, Nigeria, take care of other men's women in a Snapchat video.

Asisat Oshoala is regarded as one of the best female footballers in Africa and the globe at large.

She has a distinguished history, having claimed the title of African Women's Footballer of the Year five times.

Her talent and accomplishments date back to her early career in the sport, when she was awarded the best player in the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women's World Cup despite having scored the most goals there.

Asisat Oshoala is often referred to as "gba Baller," which is slang for "Legendary Footballer" in her native Nigeria.

She is an inspiration to many aspiring athletes because of the work and talent that have earned her a spot among the finest in the sport.

Watch the video here:

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