Government of Niger: "Insecurity prevents us from opening tourist sites in Niger."

According to the Niger State government, one of the main obstacles to the development of the state's tourist destinations is insecurity.

In her remarks yesterday on the occasion of 2023 World Tourism Day, which had the theme "Tourism and Green Investment," Commissioner for Culture and Tourism Fatima Adamu said that there were tourist destinations in some Local Government Areas that could have been opened as tourist attractions but that insecurity was a barrier.

She claimed that despite bandit activity, tourism could have been a significant source of income for the state.

According to her, "Financing and insecurity are my obstacles in marketing tourism in Niger State because some of those areas cannot be appraised due to the insecurity, most especially the Kwangugari site. The Gadan Allah is located at the Kwangugari site.

"We had the opportunity to turn it into a popular tourist destination, but the lack of security makes it impossible. However, His Excellency is making every effort to maintain order and reduce unrest in Niger State.

"Niger State has a lot of tourist attractions, but not all of them are operating efficiently. I'm doing everything I can to fix this." All the tourist attractions in Niger State that require investors should be activated, in my opinion. We are because Niger State is the center of tourism, urging investors to come and make investments there.

We have a lot of tourist attractions. Zuma Rock, Gurara Falls, and Shagunu Beach are a few examples. The Dutse Malolo is used by my local government. 

 You can visit the Gada Allah here. It is a natural bridge, and not everyone is aware of its existence. I'm attempting to get all of those sites active.

 Ladidi Kuta, the state's commissioner for transportation, who spoke on behalf of the deputy governor, added that although tourism in the state had previously been temporarily halted, the current administration would work with development partners to reopen most of the tourist attractions.

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