No Arrangement Has Been Made With Federal Government To End Indefinite Strike - NLC

On Thursday, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) clarified that the union had not struck an agreement with the Federal Government to put the planned indefinite strike on hold.

The NLC and the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC), which make up organized labor, set the start date for the strike for October 3 on Tuesday.

The government's refusal to provide palliatives to mitigate the effects of the elimination of the gasoline subsidy has led to the unions' announcement that employees will continue on indefinite strike.

Online rumors claimed that Olajide Oshundun, the director of press for the Ministry of Labour and Employment, had stated that the government and organized labor had reached an understanding to put the planned strike on hold.

The NLC said there was no agreement with the Federal Government, despite the fact that Oshundun had disassociated himself from the report.

The union further stated that the Federal Government had not extended an invitation or provided a time for a meeting regarding the scheduled strike.

In a statement released by Benson Upah, the NLC's Head of Information and Public Affairs, the organization stated: "We have been made aware of the press release made by Mr. Olajide Oshundun, Director of Press, Ministry of Labour and Employment, regarding our proposed strike action and the illegal occupation of the National Union of Road Transport Workers secretariat. We observe several contradictions.

As a result, we feel the need to provide clarifications. First off, there is no agreement in place between us and the administration to halt the planned strike action. We also don't have a time frame for a meeting with the government that might result in the strike's suspension.

"While we don't wish to minimize or diminish the honorable Minister of Labor and Employment's position, this issue is outside the purview of the Ministry. When we had our most recent meeting, they ought to have understood this.

"Secondly, while we recognize the important role that the Honourable Minister of Labour and Employment, Barrister Simon Lalong, played in securing the release of the National Union of Road Transport Workers executives from their wrongful and illegal detention by the police, we object to the Ministry's description of these executives as factional leaders.

They were duly elected to their positions. We still feel it important to urge the police and those responsible for their troubles to stop their heinous and dishonorable behavior. Retrace your steps is the advice given to them.

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