The most recent communication from Van Gaal to Messi and the Argentine national squad

The stories that the 2022 World Cup has left behind are still being told over a year later. The match between Argentina and the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, which Messi and company's squad ultimately won on penalties to qualify for the semifinal, as well as the controversy it left behind, were among them.

Van Gaal was the Netherlands' head coach at the time. Following remarks made before the game, the coach and Lionel Messi got into some disagreements. Messi, though, made the coach and his coaching staff angry by dedicating his goal to them. The coach makes a comeback almost a year later to discuss his World Cup experiences.

Van Gaal stated that he thought it was premeditated in an interview with NOS. I don't want to talk too much about it. I believe it was all planned out when I look at how Argentina scored the goals, how we scored them, and how some Argentine players crossed the line but did not receive a penalty.

Who else spoke after Van Gaal?

For Argentina to win the World Cup and allow Messi to win his first World Cup title, I think there was a deliberate move. "Everything I say is genuine. Messi ought to be the global champion, right? I believe so," stated the former Barcelona coach who received recognition for his football career.

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