DNA Testing Verifies Mohbad Is His Son's Father

Public figure According to Ruth, a DNA test has definitively shown that his son's biological father is the late Nigerian singer Mohbad.
Ruth revealed in a recent interview that she saw the DNA test results firsthand, proving Mohbad is Mohbad's father.

She conveyed her gladness for Mohbad's family and hoped that this information would bring them peace of mind and eliminate any remaining questions.

Mohbad's father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, had previously insisted for a DNA test to determine Mohbad's paternity with reference to his son, Liam. Following Mohbad's death, this request surfaced, igniting discussions on the child's actual paternity.

All remaining doubts have finally been resolved with the confirmation of the DNA test results that Mohbad is, in fact, Liam's father.

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