Jadon Sancho wouldn't be the only Man United player to have issues with Erik ten Hag

A few years ago, Jadon Sancho was one of the Red Devils' most significant acquisitions. From his earliest days at BVB Dortmund, the 23-year-old showed promise and rapidly established himself as a key member of the Bundesliga team. However, since joining Manchester United, the athlete hasn't seemed to be totally at ease in his present circumstances. The football player and coach Erik ten Hag had a falling out, as is well known.

All this is due to the fact that Sancho was not called up to travel to London to play Arsenal. When Ten Hag questioned this, the coach said that the player had just not performed well in training. In response, the Englishman took to social media to make sure that nothing said could be taken seriously. Following an alleged meeting in Carrington, Sancho allegedly declined to issue an apology.

Jadon Sancho's failure to offer an apology to Erik ten Hag led Manchester United to decide to exclude him from the squad. There were even rumors that United would have prohibited the player from using the first team's facilities. That said, it was never possible to verify this. Sancho has not officially apologized to the Dutch manager as of yet.

It should be mentioned that the former Ajax coach has before had issues with a Manchester United player. In the past, Ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo had a falling out because, in the Portuguese player's words, Ten Hag did not treat him with respect. Ronaldo left the Red Devils due to the circumstances, regardless of whether  He was an Old Trafford living legend.

Erik ten Hag might not be to the players' satisfaction.

The Daily Mail claims that the players at Manchester United would not be pleased with their coach or the circumstances surrounding Jadon Sancho. The team is not happy with how Ronaldo left and how he treated Sancho in this circumstance, according to Alan Brazil. These are the claims that

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